The Journey of Sir Marcus of Nasty

Recognised in the present as the leading DJ of the UK Funky scene, Sir Marcus of Nasty has endured many years of persistence and determination. Thus making his existence appreciated and respected by newcomers and legends of the music industry both underground and mainstream. Below is the story of Marcus Nasty’s voyage…

The journey of Marcus Nasty started during the turn of the new millennium whilst the UK Garage scene had started to decline from its peak. With music evolution bringing the birth of the Grime genre, Marcus Nasty moved with the times. So Solid Crew were making major impact both underground and mainstream showing a strength in numbers, encouraging a formation of many other crews, one of which was named N.A.S.T.Y. Crew.

Founded by Marcus Nasty, N.A.S.T.Y. (Natural Artistic Sounds Touching You) Crew which included Mak10, Jammer, D Double E, Kano, Ghetts, Griminal and Terror Danjah amongst others, was one of the highly observed crews of the Grime scene during it’s infant stages and whilst blossoming. With residence on Flavour FM and later moving on to Deja Vu, supporters were able to be entertained via the airwaves as well as within clubs. Although members changed along the way, N.A.S.T.Y. Crew remained form for a period of 4-5 years, unfortunately coming to demise during Marcus Nasty’s absence. Nevertheless all members of the crew have managed to settle personal differences and many members have continued to progress musically with many remaining prominent names into the present day.

The downfall of N.A.S.T.Y. Crew meant that Marcus Nasty had to find new feet within the music scene. Grime was now experiencing a decline due to trouble at events and many DJs had reverted back to Garage, some mixing the music with the soulful sounds found within US House. However whilst exploring the House genre for himself, Marcus Nasty found that he had preference to the more tribal sound which reminded him of the same elements he had enjoyed within Grime and wondered whether any UK producers had attempted to replicate the House sound. Sourcing music from producers previously worked with, Marcus Nasty gained himself a wide collection of a homegrown House influenced sound which included elements found within Garage, Grime and even Jungle. Although producers were unsure of the productions, they were liked by Marcus Nasty who played them and began the birth of the UK Funky scene.

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Meet the faces of The ‘4’ Fives!!

Their music has been heavily showcased and now it’s time to meet the faces of

The Fives!!

Find out exactly who they are, their backgrounds and how this quartet got their name. Also find out who these guys have got a lot of love for within the UK Funky scene…..

Check it out…..

A GREAT House & Funky Mix CD!

So many have probably noticed that the Mix CD of the month page has been discontinued. Truth is that many of the CDs started to sound the same and I felt that a CD should hold a certain quality to really get a buzz….. So what makes a good mix CD?

Something that holds flavour mostly before it even gets played…. As in offers something different. DJ Sef has been very consistent to offer this with his Afro Power series, but when I got told about a certain mix CD that had been done, I wanted to hear it straight away!

Not only was this CD from Marcus Nasty, but also was graced by Dreem Team’s very own DJ Spoony and of course was hosted MC Rankin. Upon listening….. It was more than I bargained for!!!

This CD takes you on a journey…. A sensual, passionate one that in music tells you exactly what Summer is ALL about…. It is SERIOUSLY SEXY!!! The first time I heard it, I reloaded the whole CD 3 times and STILL put it on again later!!

Wanna hear it??

Marcus Nasty B2B Spoony hosted by MC Rankin

King of Funky Marcus Nasty Dead?

This is touching on blasphemous….. I’ll let the video do the talking……

Disclaimer: This is not my video, or a reflection of my views, so if you don’t like it, tough, I don’t want to hear about it….. This is a blog about UK Funky and the people involved in the scene. The video is relevant!

Marcus is going on NASTY!!

sirmarcusnastyMarcus Nasty has set about reforming his weekly show on Rinse FM to take it to another level. He’s mastered the 2 hour solo mix up, he’s mastered the ample helping of MCs, so now Marcus Nasty is setting his sights higher once again with that constant drive of ambition that has got him the recognition  he has held for a while up until the present day…..

“What is it?” I can hear you asking….. Well lets just say, you’ll have to listen and hear!! (see what I did there?)

Lock in to Marcus Nasty’s show at the normal time of Wednesday 7-9pm (1900-2100 hrs) on Rinse 100.4 FM or <<click url to listen live

Rinse: 10 Marcus Nasty – Release and Tracklist!!

marcus nastyEveryone who is into the UK underground music scene knows about the Rinse Compilation releases. Supa D’s Rinse 03 Release also concentrated heavily on the UK Funky scene bringing the sound at that time to the fore front whilst also boosting Supa D’s profile outside of the club circuit.

In this instance, that isn’t the case. Marcus Nasty is a DJ that has received the most recognition of the scene having been named the ‘Godfather’ as well as the ‘King’.

With present homage on Rinse FM the most recognised pirate station, it only right the latest release hold the collaboration of both the leaders.

Rinse: 10 is released November 16th 2009


1.    Fuzzy Logik – Call Me feat. L.A. Cartier
2.    Lil Silva – Different
3.    Ill Blu – Rider
4.    Lil Silva – Seasons
5.    Mad One – Untitled
6.    Vato Gonzalez – 4 Minutes
7.    Lil Silva – Tribal Land
8.    Enrique Benetez – Cooking feat. Mia Mendez
9.    Crazy Cousinz – Always Be Mine
10.    Fuzzy Logik – In the Morning feat. Egypt
11.    Lil Silva – Untitled
12.    Altered Natives – Rass Out
13.    Nitro & Plague – Inside Pushing Up Flowers feat. Essence (Naughty Remix)
14.    Funkystepz – Bounce
15.    Geeneus – Yellowtail VIP
16.    Roska – Wonderful Day feat. Jamie George
17.    Agent X – Trauma
18.    Rudimental – Sexy Sexy feat. May
19.    Marc Ambiance – Raindance
20.    Perempay – Be Your Girl
21.    Kris Baya – Heartbreaker (Ill Blu Remix)
22.    Lil Silva – Pulse vs Funky
23.    S-Tee – Knocking at your Door feat. Sacha
24.    Scotty D & Nikki Slimting – The Sound
25.    Lil Silva – Untitled
26.    Sweet Boy Candy – Caught Up
27.    Jallapino – Turbulence
28.    Bass Boi – Hit the Dancefloor feat. Cad
29.    Funkystepz – Touch On Me

(Sourced from Fact Magazine)

Who’s The Best DJ?

Is this serious? Are they playing? Serious point raised nevertheless…..

So the important question is this: Who do YOU think is the Best Funky DJ??