The Journey of Sir Marcus of Nasty

Recognised in the present as the leading DJ of the UK Funky scene, Sir Marcus of Nasty has endured many years of persistence and determination. Thus making his existence appreciated and respected by newcomers and legends of the music industry both underground and mainstream. Below is the story of Marcus Nasty’s voyage…

The journey of Marcus Nasty started during the turn of the new millennium whilst the UK Garage scene had started to decline from its peak. With music evolution bringing the birth of the Grime genre, Marcus Nasty moved with the times. So Solid Crew were making major impact both underground and mainstream showing a strength in numbers, encouraging a formation of many other crews, one of which was named N.A.S.T.Y. Crew.

Founded by Marcus Nasty, N.A.S.T.Y. (Natural Artistic Sounds Touching You) Crew which included Mak10, Jammer, D Double E, Kano, Ghetts, Griminal and Terror Danjah amongst others, was one of the highly observed crews of the Grime scene during it’s infant stages and whilst blossoming. With residence on Flavour FM and later moving on to Deja Vu, supporters were able to be entertained via the airwaves as well as within clubs. Although members changed along the way, N.A.S.T.Y. Crew remained form for a period of 4-5 years, unfortunately coming to demise during Marcus Nasty’s absence. Nevertheless all members of the crew have managed to settle personal differences and many members have continued to progress musically with many remaining prominent names into the present day.

The downfall of N.A.S.T.Y. Crew meant that Marcus Nasty had to find new feet within the music scene. Grime was now experiencing a decline due to trouble at events and many DJs had reverted back to Garage, some mixing the music with the soulful sounds found within US House. However whilst exploring the House genre for himself, Marcus Nasty found that he had preference to the more tribal sound which reminded him of the same elements he had enjoyed within Grime and wondered whether any UK producers had attempted to replicate the House sound. Sourcing music from producers previously worked with, Marcus Nasty gained himself a wide collection of a homegrown House influenced sound which included elements found within Garage, Grime and even Jungle. Although producers were unsure of the productions, they were liked by Marcus Nasty who played them and began the birth of the UK Funky scene.

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Versatile is THE MAN!!!

This one has been bubbling around for a while and although it’s rather catchy, I’m still not sure what I think about it. It’s not really like we needed for Versatile to remind us of his hooks as he’s rather established within the scene already, but I suppose that’s what makes him ‘the man’.

The video has been graced by none other than Griminal, but I would prefer a lyric that never said ‘me, me, all about me’ for a change as it’s been used in a few features now, but nevertheless I guess that’s his ‘thing’ and the young artist is never an unwanted piece of eye candy for the ladies so I guess it’s quickly forgotten.

One thing that really does bug me about this video though is the colourful collection of wooly hats…… Class, style and a large selection of knitted hats from John Lewis! It does make me have to wonder what Versatile was hiding underneath there!!!

Official Hooligans Video

Time To Get Funky!!

It sure will be this Wednesday on Rinse FM 7-9pm!!

marcus nasty
Marcus Nasty has once again reminded us why he is the god-father of the movement with his innovation and pioneering spirit to be the first to do EVERYTHING that is at present unheard of.

rinse fmSince his move to Rinse FM, Marcus has continued to provide us with the best sounds within the UK Funky Movement alongside MC Ranking on a weekly basis and some. This week however, Marcus has taken the appeal of his show beyond the requirement at an extreme measurement.

This week there will be such a large list of guest appearances that it could easily be mistaken for a line up on an event. Marcus has taken advantage of the crossover to Funky that is currently happening within the listeners of Grime and Dubstep and created an attraction with an appeal that will be hard for many to resist.

Joining Marcus Nasty will be the following:

Sharky P
And of course Rankin

Be warned though, this list is still growing…….

So this Wednesday 19.00-21.00 hrs, there is only one place to be. London’s Rinse 100.4FM or Tune in and “Get down low with the Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!!!”

Just like Coldsteps…… I…. Will…. Be….. There!!!

MC Coldsteps


This set was LIVE!! From start to finish. Many wished that they could’ve entertained us for longer…… If you’d like to have a copy of the moment or never got a chance to hear it, you can download it from HERE!!