It’s Like Candy!!

MC Versatile is BACK, teaming up with Crazy Cousinz again he has brang back a dance that was a huge takeover in the 70’s and is still being performed in the clubs in the present day. ‘It’s That Funky’ is a collaboration the brings the dance into the movement. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it, Versatile will give you instructions……


Donaeo FREE Album Launch @ BM Soho

Donaeo Album Launch

And It’s All Our Favourite Price…… FREE!!!

OFFICIAL Make It Funky For Me Video

It has finally been released!!! YAY!!!


Play Ents do it again…..

I found this freestyle video of Play Ents, Gracious K, Fr3E and Addictive as well as others made in special gesture for The Voice. Go buy a copy this week, you’ll see the article in favour of all the recent UK Funky skank tracks…..

Check it Out:

Some are finding this all boring and predict a end on the horizon for the UK Funky Movement, some think it’s just the beginning. I’d be interested to know what do you think??

KIG Family Bring It Down

K.I.G. have finally graced us with their follow up track….. No skanks, no nursery rhymes but got a prominent K.I.G. flavour

Check it out:

It’s Alot Magazine – Volume 003

May front coverThe 3rd Issue of It’s Alot Magazine is available on the screen you’re looking at right now!!??

Volume 003 – May 2009 consists of:

*Interviews with Angie B, Twista DJ and others
*Track Reviews (Roska Special)
*Funky Meets Bashment
*Tippa’s Top Ten
*Event Reviews and much more!!
*Roska Special Podcast mixed by Roska (with MANY EXCLUSIVES!!)

Take A Peek!! You know you wanna…….

Wine it Gal!!

Young Nate and Gracious K seem to have swayed my thoughts….. In all honesty I was humming the words to this one to myself while bubbling to Apple’s instrumental when I was out last night.

Sorry Apple!!! LOL