Dash Down?

I think it’s evidently known that if I said I was a huge supporter of this track I would be telling lies…..


This track seems to be taking over clubs both here and abroad, meaning that Mr M is making the same impact this summer that Funky Dee made last year. Luckily Mr M didn’t wait until next year to make a video though, so he may even make a bigger mark… Time will tell…

With the track having been already played on BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra, Kiss, Choice and the many pirate/internet stations, Undistputed and Mr M have caused a major storm.

I find the lyrical content quite alarming though, I mean, if I had a daughter I’d be worried about lack of self-respect when chanting out the words. Please pay attention to 1.48-2.02 mins where Mr M openly states that he puts it about daily in Napa. Comment? I hope he is a attentive believer of safe sex! I don’t think I’d encourage anybody to find out though…. Public Lice…… SNM!!

I am feeling the production though, hold tight Undisputed!!


What You Want??

Saw this one in production and all I can say about the track is this:

“This track will get in your head and have you humming it for the rest of the day…… CERTIFIED BANGER!!!!”

Agree?? Disagree??

Look out for more from Kosha in the near future (I’m sure half the media will be contacting him after seeing this video), he also has a few more tracks up his sleeve so know that he is far from the expected one trick pony that the Funky scene seems to have gained reputation for……. Kosha is truly really ready for this, really ready for THIS!!

(Produced by Kodi of Crazy Cousinz)

Is it though??

I’m actually glad I don’t have to make a statement about this….

[The video has been removed by the user]

Because it has already been done….. Check it out here!

Meeting Roska…..


His music had phenomenal effect on first impact. The kicks, snares and broken basslines have many in a trance, unconsciously singing “Roska, Roska!” while involuntarily swinging heads side to side, screwing up faces, as to savour every last decibel passing through the ear drums.

Roska the producer became a highly respected figure in the scene not only for his work, but his forward thinking regarding his music, always ensuring tracks were readily vailable for those who wished to purchase.

Shortly after gaining recognition as a producer, Roska showed signs of exploring the DJ profile which has optimised his success in ways that could never have been imagined, playing across the globe on soil within the ambitions of many DJs of the club scene.

Take a moment with me, as I caught up with the man that goes by the name of Roska….

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