Another Cool In-Store Event!!

The regular followers of this blog will know that BM-Soho In-store events are a great place to catch up with the House music industry producers in the higher ranks, meet people who are fellow lovers of the sound, all while being entertained by great music!!

Next Thursday the store will be doing it again, this time around the appeal for the Funky heads is in great magnitude….. BM-Soho will be presenting Cooly G’s release of her new EP ‘Dub-Organiser Vol. 5’. There will also be signings and a free goodies giveaways as well as the standard free entry and complimentary Koppenberg cider.

What more do you need to know to get yourself down there??


Sexy, Sexy….. Sexy….

…..Put your fingers all up on me!!

How many people have found themselves uncontrollably singing this one? I know I have and being so infectious, chances are you got everybody around you singing it too!!

Produced by Darka from the Rudimental Camp and vocalled by the lovely Natalie ‘May’ Walker, Sexy Sexy holds the correct vibe to be a HIT!! It has a bubbly 80’s vibe and the video depicts this in full…..

Check it out!!

Video on the Frontline….

Once again there’s another video release….. This one is another that has been long awaited. Some will know that this is the second recording of the video…. Both had their own appeals…..

Loving the camera work on this one though, directed by Luke Van Boom (the man behind Donaeo’s videos and also Big Boys), who is also a strong member within the My Ish Family….

Check it out!!!!

UK Funky Allstars Take it HIGHER!!

This track has been floating around the scene for a while….. Produced by Hotsteppa and featuring the UK Funky (Male) Allstars. It’s been changed a few times, for instance Trilla wasn’t featured in the original recording, but I think it’s still missing a few ‘Allstar’ faces, not mentioning any names….. A few of the other featured artist haven’t exactly reached ‘Allstar’ status either, also not mentioning any names.

The official video has finally been released however and is also NOW on channel AKA so look out for it on your TV screens!!