Attacca Pesante are SIGNED!!!

That’s right!!

The guys have just signed a publishing deal EMI and are feeling very tropical…..and that is HOT off the press!!

Wooohoooo!!! They be making it nice and funky for us!!

Seriously though…. I’d like to send a big fat


They definitely deserve it. Hopefully they’ll soon make the next step…..

qos and attacca pesante

Check out their music within the Funky Videos section.

It’s Alot Magazine Launch Party

Friday evening saw the launch of It’s Alot Magazine. Teaming up with BM Soho to present a UK Funky Producer Showcase with the UK House & Funky scene being the magazine’s main focus.

DJ/Producer MA-1 started off as the shop started fill up, with a good turnout already evident within 15mins…..

Followed by a back 2 back from Sami Sanchez & D-Malice, interrupted midway for a Live Performance from Rebecca Knight performing her latest single Poison produced by D-Malice himself

The vibe within the shop was very pleasant with people also coming down trying to market their own productions, as well as a couple of barefaced brazen bedroom DJs trying to sell mix CDs of their own instead of supporting the cause. Never mind, it shows that they felt It’s Alot Magazine held a good following for them to network within and try to make a name for themselves.

I do have to wonder how many mix CDs they sold however, considering a number of CDs were being given away for free.

Anyway, the night was brought to a pleasant close with a magnificent closing performance from L. A. Cartier performing her single Call Me produced by the highly respected Fuzzy Logik.

Look out for the OFFICIAL video soon to be released…….

Donaeo is Going HARD!!

Monday Donaeo and Lethal B recorded the video for the track that has recently emerged on the UK Funky scene, Go Hard. You may have also heard Bashy’s freestyle over the same backing track if you’re deep within the scene.

The day was a long one as usual, reported to have started from 9am til 10pm. Here’s a video of behind the scenes footage……

Watch out for the “Dry Toes” plug…… also featured in Ghetts’ ‘Don’t Phone Me’ video!!

It Really Is….. ALOT!!!

It's Alot Magazine!!

It's Alot Magazine!!

It’s Alot Magazine has landed and has taken it’s stance and the feedback has been phenomenal. For those that are still unaware of what It’s Alot Magazine is about, it is a NEW online magazine that focuses heavily on the UK House & Funky movement. To accompany the magazine is a mix which can be streamed or alternatively downloaded.

The It’s Alot Team have vowed to build upon what is currently It’s Alot Magazine to bring more content which surrounds the culture of which the magazine is based within. The team is also looking forward to their launch party in conjunction with BM Soho Records presenting a UK Funky Producer Showcase which includes LIVE performances and Dezy the Bongoman!!

Will YOU be there??


If you haven’t taken the liberty of reading It’s Alot Magazine, just click here!!

It’s ALOT!!!

If you haven’t heard already, the blog site has being through a period of transition to evolve!! Making affiliations elsewhere in the UK Funky Movement, they have combined as a finish product to bring you……


Its Alot Magazine is the hottest place to find out about all the latest events within the aspiring UK Funky Movement and much more! With coverage of raves, video shoots, music releases and reviews including all other general news, It’s Alot Magazine caters for all the needs required of members within the music scene in many different capacities.

Launching in the very near future, It’s Alot Magazine has released their podcast to provide an insight to what can be found in the magazine. Mixed by DJ Funk Butcher and including an audio interview from K.I.G Family discussing their thoughts on the scene and the dancing tracks that have been released following their single.



  1. Keeps Me Dancing – Blade Productions
  2. Hooked on You – V. Boiz ft Jaide Green
  3. Visions – Dubplate Malice
  4. You Got Me – S.Chu feat Xara
  5. Rider (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Ill Blu
  6. Call Me – Fuzzy Logik feat L.A. Cartier
  7. I Pray (It’s Alot Magazine Special Dubplate) – N10 Tainment feat Ruth
  8. Migraine Skank (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Gracious K
  9. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Doneao Remix includes Audio Interview) – K.I.G. Family feat Donaeo
  10. Roll Dark – Calibre Productions
  11. In The Morning (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Fuzzy Logik feat Egypt
  12. Mr Seduction (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Seany B feat Lil’ London
  13. Party Hard (Remix) – Donaeo
  14. Sparta – Attacca Pesante
  15. Frontline (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Ill Blu feat Nyah
  16. Promise (Roska Remix) – Darkus Beat Project
  17. Get Out – Donaeo feat Sabrina Washington