And Now It’s Over Boy!!

We’ve seen many videos coming out of the Funky Movement boasting great quality. Donaeo set the trend with his ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’ video along the way we say Attacca Pesante’s ‘Make It Funky For Me’ also receive an astounding amount of appreciation. More recently, Dotstar made a magnificent impact with his flashy ‘Stick Up’ video, but Meleka has topped all previous efforts with an outstanding video for the Crazy Cousinz Remix of her single ‘Go’.

The video not only has visual quality, the storyline is gripping throughout with an ending creating serious effect. The editing is immaculate, I could bearly hold in my laugh at the expression of Meleka’s face at 4.30mins, as if to add impact to the scene exposed to the viewer beforehand. Depicting an attitude of a ruthless “And What?”, discarding Meleka’s already innocent persona somewhat more.

I think this video deserves full marks…..


Tribal Man Skank Remix

I’m sure these guys could’ve been ALOT more creative……. I’m so disappointed!! I guess I expected too much but I thought thier personal evolution would’ve taken them further than “I be the Tribal Man, bussin the Migraine Skank”, in the situation of a remix, there was allowance for a different backing track that was produced for the purpose as well as more affluent lyrical content. This remix could’ve been the banger that blew both previous productions out the water with its own originality….. I think this was a waste of money and time.

What do you think?

Funky Kids……

It’s Alot Magazine Volume 4!!

Volume 4Includes:

*The Sound Of UK Funky – Interviews with Supa D, Pioneer & Footloose
*All In A Nights Work with Scratcha DVA
*Tribal Magz is Feeling Funky
*Ms Darks
*Interview with MC Versatile
*Drugs in the Clubs – MDMA/MDizzle and much more……

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K.I.G. Family team up with Wiley!!

What do you think….. Due to be another hit from the fellas?

Support the movement!!!

cd coverThe momentum has been built and the tracklisting has already been posted… But now it is FINALLY available for purchase!!!

I have a copy already and I give this compilation full star ratings. Each CD gives a great expression of the talents found with this UK Funky Movement from each of the leading DJs of the scene.

We’ve promoted many free mix CDs from the movement, so now is the time to dig into your pockets (not too deep, the CD costs a mere £10.99 – BARGAIN!!) and show your support for the movement in a way that really matters to keep it going, progressing and making mainstream success.

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Marcus Nasty on Tim Westwood

Where you locked in, locked on?? If not, don’t worry, if you was you get a chance to see it again……

Check it out!!

Sho Sho!!