Party Hard or Go Home?

I listened to this trying to work out if it was a snippet from a mix CD or a new track. We’ve seen many Hosts or MCs applying bars to instrumental funky tracks but this one has been added to You Tube with the following declaration…..

” Dont get it twisted im not an MC or artist im simply the party host with most out of the street sound called Top Boyz. My job is to make people rave, have a good time and play the biggest tunes out there. Call me the UK Fatman Scoop lol, this is my little Ayia Napa warm up skanking special to get you ready to party hard or go home!!

Big up all the artists making the dancing tunes, keep doing it like the Jamaican artists do. Forget about whats real funky, wonky or pop funky lets just enjoy music and enjoy raving. Ayia Napa 2009 here we come!!”

Say No More!!!

I think Lil Silva deserves a HUGE payout though….. No word of a lie!!


Frisco has his eyes on YOU!

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Naughty & Activ strike a Pose

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Mercston does it for the ravers

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Don’t Jealous Me

The Don’t Jealous Me craze has hit Funky. Showing that the Funky Junkie epidemic has made another spectacular step in its quest for world domination!!!

This is FRESH of the PRESS!!!

Hi Hater! Don’t Jealous Me!


Could it be??

Is this the follow up from the KIG Family??

This track doesn’t feature any members from the Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes single mind…. You’ll have to keep waiting a little while for that!!

DJ MA-1 gets the Polish Funky!!

The fellow regular listeners of DJ MA-1’s weekly Rinse FM show will know that this week his show was covered by DJ Able due to absence. Although I was quite upset that I would not be getting my weekly dosage of Karnival Music, knowing that MA-1 was away spreading the sounds of Karnival Music in Krakow, Poland last night hugely compensated.

Have a look at what he was getting up to……

You can catch read an interview with DJ MA1 about his trip to Poland in May Edition of It’s Alot Magazine & June Edition of D101 Magazine