Major Notes feat Jaide Green – Hooked On You

“Funky you got me feeling like Ooh Ooh Ooh, You take me over, I’m feeling what you do…. Don’t think you know it but you got me feeling crazy, that’s why I’m so into you. Must be something ’bout the way that you effect me. You bring out my blues, you make me feel so sexy, I lose control within my soul, you make me feel to just let go, and maybe that is why, you’ll find I’m…….

Hooked on You

When I first heard this track, I instantly felt that it was destined to be an anthem for all the funky junkies out there. Hooked on You is a brilliant funky track with a thorough explanation of what the addiction to the funky sound is all about. The lyrical content within the track can be felt with empathy from beginning to end.

Any Funky DJ wishing to please funky heads will seriously require possession of this track. It’s sure to be a classic!!

Released 8th December on iTunes and all other MP3 Stores


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