Funky Freestyle Madness

The Host/MC reign within this scene is so volatile, the Hosts/MCs that once ruled the scene can be forgotten in an instant!!

We’ve been graced with another freestyle video, this time around there doesn’t seem to be a sniff of Play Entertainment involvement in this video as there usually is…..

Check it out!


Da-Mju:zik are recruiting a Street Team!!!

Da-Mju:zikDa-Mju:zik are actively recruiting for both males and females to join us to be part of Da-Mju:zik movement within the street team.

MANY MORE Londoners are NEEDED for upcoming London events!! Don’t miss out!!


All members must like some kind of UK music! It’s extremely important….. The other requirements are that you’re a sociable, outgoing, approachable individual and last but not least you cannot be afraid of hard work.


There are many benefits to joining our street team and we will provide an allowance to help cover travel, food and drink costs incurred whilst doing promo work, as well as clothing. There will be opportunities to network with individuals within the industry as well as enjoy many memorable experiences. As well as being a part of a movement promising to leave a mark within the UK music/media industry, there will also be the standard benefits i.e. guestlist entry/free event tickets and goodies as and whenever they become available. Members are required up and down the country throughout the year, however you will not be required to participate in every event as we are aware that this is not always possible.


If this sounds like something you would like to take part in, send us your name, age, telephone number and email address. The message must also list your personal qualities and what you feel you can bring to the team. Let us know what interests you to become part of the team and we also want to know what it is you like about UK music.

e-mail address:

Funky Grunge?

This video gave me so much joke I had to share it with you guys! The creator has already stated that it is not serious, so please don’t be appalled…… There seems to be a funky remix of nearly everything these days, I think it’s refreshing to know the movement is now getting strong enough for people heavily indulged in other genres to be making remixes of our tracks.

Anyway…. Enjoy the laugh lol

UK Funky LIVE!!!

If you have any participation within the UK Funky scene, you should be more than aware of the upcoming UK Funky Live event coming up next month…….

This will be the BIGGEST UK Funky event by far!! Taking place at Wembley Arena on 27th September 2009, Boasting 26 Acts, a Live Band and Dancers, if you’re a funky junkie, you surely don’t want to miss out!!

Check out this video with my favourite vocalist at the moment, Egypt (In The Morning) alongside one of the hosts for the night Yondie Murray.

For more information and to obtain your ticket >>CLICK HERE<<

Fr3e have their beads on…..

Check out this new single coming straight out of the Fr3e camp….. These guys are some serious show offs!! Check out the moves within the video…..

Any thoughts on the track? I’m not sure too sure as yet, but it may grow on me……

Another Supa Dupa Compilation

Mixed by Jamie Duggan, Maximum (BBK) and Marcus Nasty. Released 31st August 2009. Pre-order your copy from or HMV Online

In The Morning…..

When I wanna be with you……