Jackpot (Full Video)

As promised Roska brings us the full video for Jackpot

Aren’t Roska’s videos great!! Ever wonder what you’d look like as an animation?

Brimes – Why Are You Here!?

Delerious ft Pheobe: High Off Your Love

Delerious is a young producer that doesn’t get enough recognition on the scene. With the quality of his music, it has to be wondered why?

Teaming up with Pheobe on this occasion to bring us ‘High Off Your Love’…. Check out the video.

Delerious is definitely one to keep an eye on and showing a little support won’t hurt!

Princess Nyah: Take Control (official video)

It cannot be denied that Nyah has made consistent progressive steps throughout her musical career upholding a steady reputation of grafting hard all the way. Remember the days when Nyah was constantly up and down the country in her tutu declaring that she was on the frontline?? She definitely was…..

Alongside Nyah’s progression she has also shown a great level of maturity within her music and how it is displayed. Have a look at this video for her upcoming release ‘Take Control’, the young lady is surely on FIRE!!


Take Control is available on Princess Nyah’s upcoming Take Control EP released on 16th January 2011 via all digital platforms.

March to the Tribal – Official Video

Major Notes is a producer that has been watched closely in the past. Making his own steps into the Funky scene in the Summer/Autumn of 2008, Major Notes has earned himself a reputation of being a respected producer of the movement always making quality music.

Within this production Major Notes has teamed up with Dappa MC, who can usually be found around the cities of Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton (to name a few) alongside Twista DJ as seen within the video.

The collaboration cannot be faulted with this track. Dappa as an MC has shown why he is the man with the microphone by applying a catchy lyrical skip to the beat which is effectively just about doing a dance while enjoying oneself in a club.

We showed the behind the scenes footage of the video a month ago and now we see the final cut…..

Major Notes promised us something different as opposed to the usual club shoot, which can be seen as the video shows concept and creativity. Particularly within the scenes of tribal dancers in costume with luminous body paints. These are great!

March to the Tribal is released on 10th January 2011 and can be pre-ordered from here

DJ dubs are also available to order from here

Twitter: Major Notes & MC Dappa
Major Notes on Soundcloud

Roska – Jackpot!

It’s been a while since Roska has graced us with another one of his cartoonised videos and this one includes a well known partner in crime of his Jamie George. This teaser is for Jackpot which we can expect to be released early in the new year…….

Can’t wait to see the rest but in the meantime, Roska has been nominated for Best Producer by DJ Mag for 2010. Why not give him your vote by clicking here?

Look out for the full Jackpot video being released on Christmas Day!!

Big Man Zest – Who I Am

Having departed from the Play Entertainment camp with a couple of it’s other members to form as New Money, Big Man Zest has returned with a new track titled ‘Who I Am’. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what I make of this track. The video directed by Elmino shows it’s usual director’s magic and has some great cameos, namely UK Funky’s most recognised host Coldsteps, BBK’s DJ Maximum and Tim Westwood. The rollerskaters within show a great element of fun during the production which is always nice to see, but if anybody knows Funk Butcher’s dance moves, it has to be questioned whether some of them have been borrowed by the Big Man to display within this video…..

As far as the musical content goes, it has a great backing track produced by Beatnik which holds a great level of weight on it’s own. Vocally I found myself slightly jarred within the first 5 seconds….. this picks up 30 seconds in with some catchy lines but I can’t see it becoming as much of an anthem as was ‘Jump in the Middle & Skank‘.

I can see where Zest was coming from to spread awareness of his profile, however it has to be questioned whether anybody who has given this track any time of day would do the same if Zest wasn’t already known from his time within the Play Entertainment Camp.

All will be revealed when released on 31st January 2011