Officially The Hottest By Far!!

This one has been awaited for more than ever…. Having be present at the video shoot the anticipation has been greater than any describable emotion.

The track has been heavily supported by DJ Pioneer on his Kiss FM show, Choice FM, BBC 1Xtra (DJ Target plays it weekly on his Homegrown show) and many other mainstream and pirate stations, so if you’re not already a major fan of this track, where have you been!?

There is a lot of background info about the producers of this track ‘The Fives’ that I would like to share with you, like for instance there are only in fact ‘four’ members within ‘The Fives’ and why they are then called ‘The Fives’, but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to wait for the EXCLUSIVE (yes as in The Fives first EVER) interview they had within the QoS and Parks meets series….. For now, enjoy the video.

Filmed on a rooftop in Peckham and involving a lot of record smashing (slight warning for the vinyl lovers), the retro/indie stlye video is one that has not yet been explored amongst the Funky scene, and it’s always refreshing to see something original…… Go The Fives!!!