Da-Mju:zik Gets Me Funky!!

The November Issue of Da-Mju:zik Magazine is now available via your screens boasting some of Birmingham’s finest talent…….

Within this month’s issue you can find interviews with the 1 Day the Movie director and cast as well as Trilla Jermaine Trilloski, UK Funky.Com (Kush & N.B.), Double Impact and many overs……


Crazy Cousins EP

This week if you’re a UK Funky Lover Then We Produce To You The Brand New Crazy Cousinz Double Due Out Soon.

Featuring Some Of The Biggest Funky Anthems & Remixes Produced By The Crazy Cousinz Family, On Pre-sale At The Moment So Get Your Orders In As This Is A Very Limited Run.

Click Here For More Details And To Hear Tracklist!!

It’s A Stick Up!! Reeeeemix!!

I’ve been told this isn’t finished, but of all the MC collaborations, I have to say that this one is holding top rank. The already infectious Stick Up which is infecting mix CDs as well as ringtones (yes I said it) has provided a lil more vibrance….. The Funky skankers are gonna love this!

What d’you think?

Donaeo is Making Moves!!

The Party Hard video is still receiving A LOT of love, but Donaeo known for his ability to consistently deliver before the impact of his previous move is savoured has done it again!!

Check out his new video for ‘Watching Her Move’

Party Hard/Watching Her Move is now available to purchase at HMV and iTunes NOW!!

Go Cop Dat!!

Deep Teknologi Launch Party……

A blog post was done on Deep Teknologi when they first started to surface, but my favourite track on their label thus far for me has been this one, you can find it on their Reality Check EP

Unfortunately, it’s not a full track, but it’s long enough to get ‘In Da Groove’

Friend of Mine?

I feel Good, Good, Good!

It was a major banger when the original was released on the UK Garage circuit and now Zed Bias has unleashed an ’09 version creating the hype all over again. (If you’re a Garage connoisseur you know exactly what I’m talking about!) Don’t get it twisted though, this isn’t a simple quick tweak of a few knobs, it’s a whole new UK Funky adaptation!!

Have a look at the video:

There is also a Roska remix for all the funky heads who have a major fetish for the sound of kicks and snares…. Many have already declared their love for it so if you haven’t already heard it, keep your ears open!

Available for purchase 09 November 09!!!