Time To Get Funky!!

It sure will be this Wednesday on Rinse FM 7-9pm!!

marcus nasty
Marcus Nasty has once again reminded us why he is the god-father of the movement with his innovation and pioneering spirit to be the first to do EVERYTHING that is at present unheard of.

rinse fmSince his move to Rinse FM, Marcus has continued to provide us with the best sounds within the UK Funky Movement alongside MC Ranking on a weekly basis and some. This week however, Marcus has taken the appeal of his show beyond the requirement at an extreme measurement.

This week there will be such a large list of guest appearances that it could easily be mistaken for a line up on an event. Marcus has taken advantage of the crossover to Funky that is currently happening within the listeners of Grime and Dubstep and created an attraction with an appeal that will be hard for many to resist.

Joining Marcus Nasty will be the following:

Sharky P
And of course Rankin

Be warned though, this list is still growing…….

So this Wednesday 19.00-21.00 hrs, there is only one place to be. London’s Rinse 100.4FM or http://www.rinse.fm. Tune in and “Get down low with the Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!!!”

Just like Coldsteps…… I…. Will…. Be….. There!!!

MC Coldsteps


This set was LIVE!! From start to finish. Many wished that they could’ve entertained us for longer…… If you’d like to have a copy of the moment or never got a chance to hear it, you can download it from HERE!!


Major Not£$ – Winter Heatwave EP

Major Not£$ the 26 year old Producer/Engineer has made a serious impact while taking steps into UK Funky production. Being no stranger to the UK music scene having worked previously with Def1 (Frontline), we have another producer who has crossed genres to join the movement, helping it grow and providing more quality music.

winter-heatwaveThe Winter Heatwave EP carries various styles across the House music spectrum ranging from Afrobeat to Vocal to Brokenbeat to Electro. Major Not£$ has provided a track for every vibe and every preference. A few shaky vocals in some places is the only thing that brings this EP down, but the quality on a whole can give grace to this minuscule of error.

Viva La Revolution and What? are set to take many dance floors by storm with the energy they provide. It’s no wonder this EP is titled “Winter Heatwave”. The desire to let of some steam is definitely there!!

The generosity within the Winter time was obviously felt within the structuring of this release as all previous tracks produced by Major Not£$ have also been included on this EP as Bonus Tracks, this extends the value barrier by far containing in full a whole 7 tracks for £5!!

Promising to gift us with what may be the first 100% Vocal Funky album next year, Major Not£$ has already got his next project in notion. He has advised us to look out for a track called “Meet Me On The Dancefloor” featuring Koni, which should be dropping in the early New Year. This will be a sample of the vibe on the album and what is due to come.

Major Not£$

Major Not£$

Major Not£$
“Winter Heatwave EP”
(Lossol Entertainment)
Release Date:
15 December 2008

Only available on MySpace

1. Viva La Revolution
2. Skream Out
3. Loving You ft Mellody
4. What?
5. Regular Lover ft Mellody
6. Hooked On You ft Jaide Green
7. Tonight

DJ/Producer MA-1 Gives It Up to Queen of Sheba

DJ/Producer MA-1

DJ/Producer MA-1

Following the release of his recent single, I caught up with DJ/Producer MA-1 to find out a little bit about him and his personal journey within the scene. How he got into the music, to becoming involved with the scene, to actually making the music within it.

Being a highly respected DJ/Producer within the movement I also thought it’d be interesting to find out his secrets on production and what he felt would benefit the scene in the long run as well as what it is that he personally favours……

What is your background within the scene? As in, how did you get into House Music?

Well I went to a rave with DJ Feva in November 2005. Then I only knew him as a Garage DJ. Tippa and IC were there playing some tunes mixed in with garage. I didn’t know what they were at the time because I’d never heard it before. Then Feva come on for the closing set and he was playing all these tunes again that just blew my head off. The crowd were just dancing and reacting in the same way that I was used to at old skool garage raves. I had to call him up and ask him what that music he was playing was. Garage wise I was into Tuff Jam and EZ and when I asked him, he was laughing. But he was playing older house stuff like Samurai and Gabryelle which just blew me away but yeah he told me what it was and I got really into it.

So what stage did you start getting into DJing funky house?

I went to a few clubs with Tippa and IC and really got into the music. These times they weren’t even Circle they were Allsbury Allstars. At that time I was buying a few of the early big tunes and I mixed them up and went down to Red Carpet one night and gave the guys over there a CD. He called me the next day to tell me that he wanted to do a giveaway CD to promote Red Carpet and that’s how I got to do one of the first rave CDs with an advert. That was like end of 2005. Before I knew it, I was hearing it everywhere. Nobody knew my face, but everyone knew my name because of this CD. The response just blew me away and all I wanted after that was to get bookings and get on to Deja Vu FM. At the time, it was the station that was really carrying the music. There was Kismet, Supa, Tippa, IC, Pioneer, Angie B and Dogtaniun and when I got there, well that was me. I’m on Rinse FM now though.


Did you see yourself ever gaining the status that you have i.e. playing across seas etc?

Not really, I got into it just for fun. When I started it was a hobby. I enjoyed mixing. All my friends round my area done it too. Back then it was about Speed Garage which was more the music of the working class rather than a black or white thing. Everyone raved together. But I remember going to college and asking people what Garage was. Then I went out to some raves and thought it was good and just starting buying the tunes. I then started off playing in little raves around the area and the places just got bigger and bigger. I’ve played for many pirate stations, Upfront, Freek FM and Flashback FM, but I did get to one point when I thought to forget it all. I was buying all these records and I questioned myself and what I was doing. Around June 2005 I gave up music. I just wanted to go work and just be normal. So it just happened really. I never planned any of it.

What stage did you feel that as well as playing you wanted to start producing?

Back then when I got into the scene most of the UK tunes were dubs that never had any vocals. The only vocal tune at that had really taken off at that time was NG’s “Tell me”. I just wanted to make a tune that was a good vocal track and that was my goal. I always wanted to do that and eventually in the end, I did it. I made the tune in my bedroom. It wasn’t that easy though. When I first made the tune, I never had anyone to vocal it. I asked the people I knew if they knew any singers and it turned out that Sophia lived at the top of my road and I’d known her since she was little. Anyway, she came to my house, and recorded it. I then had to go to a professional recording studio, pay my money and get it mixed down. Before I knew it all the DJs were playing it, then I got a call from 1xtra saying they wanted to put my tune on the radio playlist and then it just blew up all over the radio really quick. Being a DJ and using my experience from other scenes, I realised that the people who really cross the boundaries are producers. Other than EZ and Heartless, people remember the producers from the Garage scene i.e. Artful Dodger, so knew that was what I wanted to do.

Karnival Music….. Explain what that’s about……

It’s my record label. The name really comes from the fact that at the time most of the sound was of an afrobeat style, so to me, what we were playing was carnival music, so that’s what I named it. It’s not just for my tunes though, if I hear tunes that I like, I can push it for you and we can cut some kind of deal, then I put it out. Basically it’s because say for instance, you get a producer who is up in Birmingham, he could make a banging tune, but it doesn’t really get heard. But if I take it and it goes on my label, then the level of exposure is much more. For instance there are other tracks that have been put on my label where I’ve come to an agreement with people. Now if they gave it directly to one of the bigger named DJs, the chances of him listening to it and playing it are lower than if it’s given to him by me. So yeah, that’s that.

Give It Up ft Sim Simi has recently been released. Tell me a bit about the background of that track…

I made “Give It Up” very soon after I made “I’m Right Here”. Me and Simone hooked up through MySpace. She hollered at me to say that she liked my sound and wanted us to work together and I called her up. We talked about what she wanted to do and then got together basically. But because “I’m Right Here” was so popular, I kind of put it on a back burner. But when I saw that things had really calmed down with “I’m Right Here” and other tracks had pushed it out of the spotlight, I felt that it was time to put it out. Give It Up is out now on junodownload.com, ukfunky.com and dubplate.net. It’s selling really well.

Do you feel that the funky scene is here to stay for an era, or do you feel that is may fizzle out as a phase?

I don’t know if it’s gonna stay forever. I mean I hope it does. But the music scene has changed a lot since I first got involved in 05. From the way we play it to who the top DJs are. When I started it was all about Booker T and Gavin Peters, now you hear more about Supa D, Pioneer and Marcus Nasty. I think its going to continue evolving, so it can’t be going anywhere for now.

What do you think will help the scene to grow bigger than it is right now to really embed itself within the mainstream?

Better quality tunes and a chart success. No question about that. I’m not gonna act all big about the quality of my production and that because I’m still learning myself and I give respect to anyone who has sat down for hours from day to day, to make a beat, whether I personally think its good or not. But they have to do the best they can do. Whether they get it mixed down by somebody else, there’s no shame in someone else mixing down your tracks for you. Get a professional. I did it, there’s no shame in it and if you’re looking to make a banger, you’d be surprised how much a difference mixing it down can make. I think at the moment, people outside of our scene are listening to the majority of our tunes and thinking that we’re all jokers. They hear our music and think to themselves “What’s that?” See it’s difficult, some people are impartial to our sound, others want to criticise it. The majority of the nation hasn’t heard anything we do as yet because commercial radio isn’t really supporting our sound. They all have our tracks, but they’re not really play listed during the day time so most people outside of the urban areas will never have heard it. Take Bongo Jam for instance, it got a lot of publicity due to Big Brother, but Harry Hill totally disrespected it. Then there’s the London club scene at the moment which still exists but they’re all knocking it saying there’s trouble. But there’s trouble in normal clubs as well.

So what do you personally love most about the scene?

It’s new, different and fresh. When I first saw it I knew it was gonna be big. I saw it. I had to be part of it. It’ll grow and it’ll get more popular. Some of the tunes will get commercial and hit charts. Like with Garage, when that first started it was underground, but there were many Garage chart hits. Whether its next year or a few more after that. This isn’t by far the final article.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Not really, but this whole funky thing is all good and its spreading around the country and it’s across seas. Napa really helped the scene grow and it’s really strong up north now, so it’s still growing and it will grow a lot further. The whole Bassline thing is rumoured to be calming down so it’s time for funky to really take over the whole country. That’s the next step.

Have you heard the Fuzzy Logik Sound??

The truth is you probably have…… The sound of Fuzzy Logik has been buzzing around for a little while and has been named as a favourable producer by a number of DJs. His latest EP sold out everywhere and required a repress to meet demands with MP3 releases also being requested. Unfortunately however, all MP3 releases are currently being postponed.

So do you need an introduction to the Fuzzy Logik sound??

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash is the latest EP released by Fuzzy Logik and is the first of a proposed series of 3 EPs. It is currently available in Rhythm Division, Uptown Records, Blackmarket Records and UK Recordshop. Do not despair if you are not in London, as releases are due to move far enough north to hit the Midlands via a distributor very soon.

What Goes Around
The best part of this vocal tribal track is the rolling chord sequences. If you allow yourself to get lost within, you’ll be able to feel the sensations this beat can influence replicating the feeling of a constant spin. This is a track that can surely be an atmosphere booster on the dance floor.

Funky Roller
This is an instrumental version of What Goes Around that generates the same vibe. It however enables you to play the version of your preference.

Simple yet effective synthesized sequences looped, broken and emphasized to collate a track carrying a hypnotic vibe smoothly throughout its many adventurous changes. There is one particular drop within this track that if you weren’t skanking before……. You will be now!!!

Turn & Twiss
That right ladies! It’s that track! You thought you were jumping up for your favourite DJ didn’t you?? Uh-Uh…. You were jumping up for Fuzzy Logik. So the next time you wanna don’t stop turn and twiss on that dance floor, just ask Mr DJ for some sweet banging Fuzzy Logik.


Fuzzy Logik has been kind enough to let us have a preview of what we can expect to be hearing from him in the future:

The Way You Move
Already been declared a personal favourite of a few DJs, this vocal track is set to be an all time favourite of many participants within the scene. Not only is this track a great indication for the females to pull out their sexiest moves, it also gives the gents a chance to enjoy the vibe and spectate!!


This is a lower toned production with a broken beat style. The chords are sharp and effective and the melody flows indefinitely. This is one you’ll find gets stuck in your subconscious and causes you to constantly be humming it all day long. This track has also been named as a DJ favourite.

El Mataron
This funky bashment rhythm will get any dancefloor in need of inspiration on their toes. It reminds me of Mavado’s Gangster 4 Life. But how do you dance to it?? Bashment or Funky??

Listening to the Fuzzy Logik showreel you will hear some bonus samples of some exclusives that haven’t even been named yet – Listen with a keen ear!!

Click here to get a sample of the Fuzzy Logik sound!!

Remember, Remember, The 3rd of November!!

What an eventful time it is on the scene this 3rd November!! There are releases being unleashed everywhere!!

As we know Monday is a favoured part of the week for funky heads already with ‘More Music Monday’ at UKFunky.com MP3 store. This week the following tracks will be added:

• Roska – Before Elevated Levels EP
• Funky Boy – Funky Boy
• Funky Boy ft Kimona – Change
• Seany B ft Monique Paris – Make Your Move

We’ve been blessed with another extra special treat this Monday as we can also purchase the much talked about “In The Club Vol. 1” DVD that we’ve all been waiting for….. Being the 1st 100% UK Funky DVD, this will provide the biggest insight into the movement within the UK. Showcasing DJ sets, interviews and many more promised features, this DVD is looking to be HOT property!!

UKFunky.Com present In The Club Vol 1

UKFunky.Com present In The Club Vol 1

This DVD is EXCLUSIVE to UKFunky.Com and comes with guaranteed delivery (UK Only)

The man behind the UK Funky classic “I’m Right Here” is also gracing us with another soulful hit this Monday. MA-1 has teamed up with Sim Simi to bring us “Give It Up”. This track has been floating around for a while and was also given an exclusive promo release last week’s ‘More Music Monday’. Now the remixes will also be available too!! Ensure you get yourself a copy of this, if you haven’t already. There’s enough reputation for this one to become another classic.

Meleka has an official release of her debut single Go with full remixes from Crazy Cousinz, Diamond, Sid Mercutio, Booda Bassline and Doug McCourt. The Crazy Cousinz remix has been has been blowing up the clubs and is now available for us all to purchase for our own listening pleasure.

One of the scenes undercover producers Ghostman, has turned his MySpace into an MP3 store having released his full back catalogue within his blogs section. This producer has been track listed on various mainstream radio stations, such as BBC1 Xtra, Radio 1 and Kiss FM as well as worldwide in countries such as US, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Japan. Take a look and see if you find anything you fancy!!

You can find his MySpace here…..

Uptown Records have also added some more anthems to their catalogue this week for Pre-Order. Frontline the club anthem that has been tearing down the club scene since early summer is going to finally be available for purchase on vinyl as will Seasons and Funky Flex from Lil Silva. Also HOT off the repress is Fuzzy Logik’s Banger’s and Mash. This EP SOLD OUT first time around and MP3 release is not currently scheduled. To purchase now may be your final chance??