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It's Alot Magazine LogoIt’s the first podcast that is dedicated to the UK Funky Movement that not only showcases the great talents within the scene, informs you of where you can purchase the music as well as keeping you up to date with the progression that is taking place….. You will struggle to find another podcast that holds as much exclusive infomation on the UK House & Funky scene, and its now available to subscribe to via your iTunes!

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The tracklisting this month is as follows:

9. IT’S OKAY – A L



It’s Alot!! Round 2….

aprilThis month’s issue includes the following:

*All in a Night’s Work featuring DJ Mystery
*Vocalist Spotlight featuring Sacha
*Footsteps & AL
*10 Major Rules of Producing
*Wot U Call It?…. Dubbage!
*XO Man
*Guns, Gangs, Government & Guidance


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The April podcast is also available featuring the following tracks:

*Speechless – DJ Mystery
*Nasty Nasty Nasty – DVA (Roska Remix)
*Rass Out – Alternative
*In The Morning – Fuzzy Logic ft Egypt
*Waterfalls – MA-1
*Sexy Sexy – Rudimental Records feat May Walker
*The Music – Hard House Banton
*House Music – Kush
*Troubles Back – DJ Naughty
*Dirty Trumpet – Sami Sanchez
*Seasons – Lil Silva
*Tell Me – Footsteps ft A.L.
*The Print – Fingaprint – Records (Roska Remix)
*Boomerangs – Sacha
*Worth Much More -DJ Mystery ft Miss Bree

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Something’s In The Air!!

Another OFFICIAL video has been released that all the funky connoisseurs will definitely appreciate…… This one has been waited on for so long, I’m flipping excited MATE!!!

There must be “Something In The Air!!”

Although I expected more from Perempay N Dee, I’m hoping this video gives other producers the encouragement to not be swayed from the music as the Soulful tracks within the genre are loved with the same enthusiasm as the material we have been seeing a lot of recently.


Matt Jam Lamont talks Funky!!!

Matt Jam Lamont

Matt Jam Lamont

I recently carried out an interview with Matt Jam Lamont for UrbanWorld.Com which unexpectedly drifted on to the subject of UK House also known as Funky. I thought that as a major DJ his perspective was very valuable……. Here are a few questions from the interview:

Is there any chance of you crossing genres in the future to playing UK House productions?

I’ve never ever stopped playing House. I was playing it before Garage came alive. So it’s not something that I’ve stopped or started playing. I’ve always played House. It’s just that I’m more known for Garage from back in the day. With any genre, there is always a new style that branches off and the UK stuff is raw, some would say under produced, but that’s what it is, but really it’s just another branch coming of the House genre. House has been there forever so it’s not me jumping on to anything else, if there’s a certain track that is produced and I like it, then I’ll play it.

Do you see the UK House scene growing and staying or do you see it rapidly going back underground?

Garage was around for nearly 11 years and it done what it really needed to do. The UK House scene, I think it could stay around as it has such a dominant father figure in House. It has a good chance of being around for the while. There are so many sub-genres from House, it’ll be interesting to see what it does. I think the production needs to be tighter on a few things, but look at Devil in a Blue Dress. It’s a big anthem. But for UK House to get more stronger abroad, they do need to tighten up production a little bit and have the big major players playing it abroad too. But I can see a good life span in it. I’ve noticed that up north a lot of the DJs have stopped playing Bassline, and are moving over to House and its known for people to jump genre to whatever is popular, so that happening shows that the popularity is definitely growing. But I would say that a lot of the DJs that are playing UK House also play US stuff too so it’s getting balanced out and with things from Defected etc so although there is a scene there, it’s not dominated by UK House productions.

The US productions are very prominent within the music…..

It’s like with Drum and Bass. It’s a very British thing but you have a lot of Americans and Germans making it too because they love it, so the UK House sound is not really anything new. But there is a certain sound that’s developing as a new branch of House music which is great. In a year’s time, I do hope that it will be stronger but I don’t think these guys will start to only play UK stuff. I think they’ll still be playing productions from around the world that plays nicely with what they’re playing, which is evident if you look at Footloose or Pioneer’s play list. The UK House scene is getting stronger, but I don’t think it’ll be able to do it on its own.

Do you think Funky and Garage are the same?

Yeah, but you know, I think that’s because a lot of the ex garage producers are now making it so its carrying a lot of the same sounds. So that’s why it’s more on a UK stage than a House stage. Because I can play it in any UK set and I play it with Garage. But it’s not new garage or anything. There’s not really much that that new about it, I could probably find something similar from 1990. Things start to evolve and its given a new name to help give it a push so I guess it’s simply just a new branch of house. It hasn’t blown up to me as yet because it hasn’t blown up in Ibiza. That’s the biggest clubbing island in Summer. So until that happens…….. I’m not knocking it at all. I hope it does get bigger because there are some tracks which I really do like. So let’s develop it and make it stronger now.


Time To Get Funky!!

It sure will be this Wednesday on Rinse FM 7-9pm!!

marcus nasty
Marcus Nasty has once again reminded us why he is the god-father of the movement with his innovation and pioneering spirit to be the first to do EVERYTHING that is at present unheard of.

rinse fmSince his move to Rinse FM, Marcus has continued to provide us with the best sounds within the UK Funky Movement alongside MC Ranking on a weekly basis and some. This week however, Marcus has taken the appeal of his show beyond the requirement at an extreme measurement.

This week there will be such a large list of guest appearances that it could easily be mistaken for a line up on an event. Marcus has taken advantage of the crossover to Funky that is currently happening within the listeners of Grime and Dubstep and created an attraction with an appeal that will be hard for many to resist.

Joining Marcus Nasty will be the following:

Sharky P
And of course Rankin

Be warned though, this list is still growing…….

So this Wednesday 19.00-21.00 hrs, there is only one place to be. London’s Rinse 100.4FM or Tune in and “Get down low with the Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!!!”

Just like Coldsteps…… I…. Will…. Be….. There!!!

MC Coldsteps


This set was LIVE!! From start to finish. Many wished that they could’ve entertained us for longer…… If you’d like to have a copy of the moment or never got a chance to hear it, you can download it from HERE!!

Marcus Nasty takes a GIANT leap!!

Marcus 'UK House' Nasty

Marcus 'UK House' Nasty

The god-father of the UK Funky/UK House movement has been looking for a new place of residence for a while with guest appearances on various radio stations such as BBC 1xtra, Choice FM, BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, following various concerns with his former station regarding lack of support of the Funky Movement on top of unprofessionalism and feeling that at as a leading Funky DJ his most appropriate homage would be at a location that is still in possession of true innovation within the scene.

With a number of consecutive guest appearances on the station of leading competition, it has come as no surprise that Marcus Nasty has found his new residence on London’s Rinse 100.4 FM/

Being the home of various UK Funky producers, the official releases of a series of mix CDs, as well as the option to download regular podcasts of weekly shows, Marcus Nasty is delighted to inform his followers that you are invited to join him at his new home on Wednesdays 7-9pm GMT, where he will continue to provide the best selection available within the UK House/UK Funky category.

She’s A Devil In A Blue Dress

Having found his feet within the music industry, exploring the genres and creating a network with established players along the way, Doneao feels the time has come to step out from behind the scenes. Filming a video to accompany Devil in a Blue Dress, the hugely successful hit within the UK Funky scene……

It’s an early start for a Sunday morning with London’s Stanza club as the destination. This would usually bring the thought of an after party to mind, but today its all lights, camera, action. With everybody tired from the social activity within the past 12 hours, the only lay in on this day, seems to have been granted to the sun.

Arriving on set shortly before the hours of 10am, wardrobe, hair and make up shortly arrive with no delays, and an instant start is made on the transformation to make the temptress of the day and Doneao is more than impressed with his options of outfit. He decides on Suave & Chic, a winning choice every time.

Filming commences soon after midday and Doneao is pulling out his skanks in the bank for the camera. The director even has a shot dedicated to his feet!! Who knows, he may have been taking visual notes to try out in front of the mirror at home…….

Proving to be thirsty work, a break is called soon after an hour with orders taken for lunch, then its back to Doneao skanking out for the cameras again. By the time his shot is finished it 3pm, all the cast members have arrived and our Devil in the Blue Dress is ready. At this time, any man would think himself lucky to be scheduled for seduction by this temptress. But first he would have to wait…… Within the midst of lunch, there are changes of clothes taking place and a photo shoot is underway. Doneao is taking full advantage of the wardrobe in full entirety.

As late afternoon drifts into the evening hours, all stomachs are full and cameo appearance members present, its time to wrap up this beautiful creation. As shooting resumes within a party scene, the smiles are definitely not just for camera. Although this is work for all on Doneao’s path to success, the vibe depicted is surely real and will be watched back by those present, as the day Doneao entertained us and showed us a good time. Although the DJ did seem a bit restricted on his selection……

I managed to catch up with Doneao throughout the course of the day to discuss his road so far within his music career. This is what he had to say:

We’re here today filming Devil in a Blue Dress. Tell me a bit about the song’s background.

I originally released the track to DJs back in November last year. I gave them both an instrumental and a vocal to allow them to play their preference. I found that a lot of them originally played the instrumental, and then the one with the vocals started to creep in later.

What was the response you received during that time?

The response was huge! I released another track last July called “I” and “When You’re Alone”, but “Devil” seems to have really hit them. There’s been play listing on mainstream radio stations, so for me it’s a phenomenal success from the underground, especially as an independent artist and having to take care of my own marketing etc.

I believe your label is called Zephron Entertainment?

It’s more of a production company. It’s a small company and at the moment I can only look after myself. I would like to build on it, but our first release is going to be “African Warrior”. But I’ve had to start from the bottom. I managed to push “Devil” to a point where 1xtra approached me, but Choice FM and other commercial stations were from me working hard on the streets. I try not to push things in people’s faces though and I think that contributed a lot to “Devil” blowing up more than “I”. Simply because I let the people choose and there was more hype for “Devil”, so more people have got involved.

You’ve been on the music scene for a while haven’t you?

Yeah. Since I was 19. Going back to the times of UK Garage. My first proper tune was “Bounce” which was right in the beginning stages of my creativity. I knew when I was 6 that I wanted to do music and then when I turned 16, my dad helped me get my first studio. Then I had to really find myself musically, and “Bounce” was the first finished tune that I really ever made. But you make a whole heap of tunes and you think they’re ok, but they’re more like preparation. “Bounce” really showed me that I could make tracks that people liked, but I hadn’t homed in on my creativity, I still had to study myself. Not taking anything away from “Bounce”. It was a good experience and got me in the limelight, but I would advise people that before releasing a track, it’s a good idea to have more ready. Because if it bombs you got more behind you, and if it blows, people are gonna wanna hear more and I wasn’t prepared……There were about 3 years between my first 2 singles and during that time I really got to learn my craft.

So would you say that “I” was the produce of a more matured Doneao?

I didn’t actually produce “I”, and I don’t really work with other producers, being a producer myself. But I would say I homed in on my craft before “I”, while making Grime. Then when I starting making House, I found some real inspiration within my creativity, because “I” was my first House track and I just wanted to keep making more.

Where do you find the inspirations when making your House tracks?

When funky first started to come about, I wanted to know more about it and I started to research House music and its structures, and I learnt that even Garage originated from House. Then I realised there were more sub genres such as Acid, Dance, Electro and I felt that this is the genre where I really wanted to be, reflecting on the fact that I originated within Garage. Not having produced “I” myself and it being totally different to anything that I had made, I wanted to see what I could come up with and “Devil in a Blue Dress” and a few other tracks is really what I got. So even though I’ve been on the scene for a while, I’ve been finding myself and where I belong during that time.

With Devil already being so successful on the underground, where do you see the single going after the official release?

All the way hopefully!! I can only hope to get a number one from it. I’ll push as hard as I can to see how far it can go. If it doesn’t reach number one, I can only hope that it does the best it can do. I’m working hard for it, the whole team are. Anyone that’s interested in my music, I’ll be willing to meet the demand.

We saw you at Glastonbury earlier on this year. What was that experience like for you?

That was heavy man!! But it weren’t just me. It was me and my band, we’re a team. If I get signed, I would like to be signed with them. But it was a great experience. It was the first time we played and all the equipment was like new and the live sound system. We’ve done other live gigs, but that was the biggest.

Is this the first time you’ve done a video too?

This is my first solo video. I’ve done cameos here and there, but this one is all about me. I’ve never really let people see my face, but this tune got so big, I knew that if I wanted to continue promoting it, I’d have to step out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight.

How are you finding the experience?

I’m embracing it at the moment, it’s a bit different from what I’m used to doing, but there’s going to be other things as well like magazine interviews etc but I’m used to staying in the studio and putting tunes out. That’s it. I know how to market myself indirectly, but not in the spotlight. This is the first part of the whole experience for me personally, but the second stage for the single.

So what can we expect in the future?

I’m due to release another 2 singles which I’ve already had good responses for from DJs. I also done a few PA’s in Aiya Napa and Funky seems to be really smashing it over there alongside Niche. But those tracks are still new on the underground so it may be a while before they become as mainstream as “Devil”. In about 3 months time, I think I’ll be in a better position to see what those tracks are really doing, and how I’m truthfully finding the whole experience.