D-Malice Producer Showcase

d-maliceI was a little bit late at picking this one up, you’ll have to pardon my lack in punctuality. Although, I believe it’s better to be late than never and in this case, never would’ve been very unfortunate. I thoroughly enjoyed D-Malice’s producer showcase on BBC 1xtra’s Footloose House 1 M1X show.

You can LISTEN or DOWNLOAD it by clicking on the applicable word.


D-Malice – Gabryelle Refix (DJ Footloose Dubplate)
DJ Tanaka – Erotic Illusions (D-Malice Remix)
D-Malice ft Rebecca Knight – Poison
D-Malice – Visions
D-Malice – Bad Habits
D-Malice – Flawless Remix
D-Malice – Let The Music Takeover
D-Malice ft Mr King – I Just Wanna Love You


When is Marcus Nasty on??

Marcus Nasty
There was a bit of confusion yesterday regarding Marcus Nasty’s show….. With the recent reshuffle that has been happening over on Rinse FM, the confusion started when Supa D advertised that his new show time was the time previously known to be when you can catch Marcus on the airwaves. This led to a number of people believing that Mr Nasty was no longer on Rinse FM.

I have been told that this is in fact incorrect

Marcus Nasty can be found on Rinse FM on Sundays 1900-2100. Be sure to lock in!!

In the meantime, Marcus made a guest appearance on Cameo’s 1xtra show this past Tuesday where his interview covered his present thoughts on the UK Funky movement.

Have a listen…..

It’s not Funky, it’s WHACK!!

I’m so in shock with how far this is going that I have struggled find a paragraph that can introduce what I have now found to be the latest release in the emerging Funky MC track trend. I thought an example had already been made with the Ring-A-Roses track by applying a poll within which votes constantly depicted that this ‘new’ sound was not appreciated by the majority. To make matters worse, it was a rip-off of another track which in my opinion, although wasn’t ‘good’, it was ‘better’.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, press play……

I think the most unfortunate thing about this latest influx is that there are other songs out there ie Kaos and Coldsteps’ Napa Anthem that supersede these tracks in quality on a grand scale but follow a similar concept, which are being overshadowed by the attention being paid to these tracks through disgust. Donaeo’s Party Hard is an MC track which is making a major impact at the moment, however due to its quality, is not even considered to fit into the same bracket, which shows it’s not a vendetta held by the scene against the way the vocal addition is applied, but the quality in how it’s done.

If you are an aspiring producer, I can only plea that you steer away from making a production that replicates the following in any way…..


Now you’ve been heavily disturbed all over again, I wanted to end this on a positive note so I thought I’d leave you with a track that is being named as a favourite by many of the DJs and true funky lovers of the movement at the moment.

Something’s In The Air!!

Another OFFICIAL video has been released that all the funky connoisseurs will definitely appreciate…… This one has been waited on for so long, I’m flipping excited MATE!!!

There must be “Something In The Air!!”

Although I expected more from Perempay N Dee, I’m hoping this video gives other producers the encouragement to not be swayed from the music as the Soulful tracks within the genre are loved with the same enthusiasm as the material we have been seeing a lot of recently.



The OFFICIAL Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez video is HERE!!!

For those that know me, look out for my lil man!!

Funky Ring-A-Roses??

The influx of Funky dance tracks will not stop regardless of how divided the response is. I only have to wonder what will happen when all the nursery rhymes have been modified and there aren’t anymore left. People have started to predict what will be next. Humpty Dumpty, Grand Old Duke of York, maybe even The House the Jack Built. At Christmas there may be a special funky addition of Silent Night….. Who knows??

This is the latest nursery rhyme that has been regenerated into a new funky skank:

Many have said they like it, many have said it’s ridiculous.

What do YOU think?

More Behind The Scenes Footage……

This video has just been released of more Behind the Scenes footage of the Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez video shoot. Hosted by Eddie Kadi. Take a look……

You have to love Mr Kadi!!

Eddie Kadi is also going to be at The Sunday Show this weekend alongside the likes of Jamie Howard and Dele (for those that know). He also has a show at the Indigo 02 on the 21st February 2009.