2011 UK Funky Going Forth

2010 was an odd year… UK funky progressed, got slated, got rated and also got frustrated. But why and how? More importantly how will it be overcome? What lessons can be learnt? What needs to be changed and what needs to stay the same? Having the title of the UK Funky blogger, I felt it only right to take a deeper look. Following analysis, here you’ll find the conclusion…

2011 UK Funky Going Forth….

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2010 Top 20 UK House & Funky Tracks


UK Funky takes over Twitter!!

The past weekend has been more than comical for all those involved in the UK Funky scene. During the early afternoon hours of Saturday, champion Grime MC Wiley discovered the bar ‘unite the raver‘. First he made it a point to find out which Funky MC the bar belonged, then enquired whether or not there was a song to go along with it, then came the unexpected.

For the remainder of the weekend, Wiley’s tweets all seems to have some kind of relevance to uniting the ravers. Some were about who has united ravers over the years and others who hasn’t. Even during X-Factor he spectated which contestants were able to unite ravers and who weren’t.

By Sunday afternoon, there was laughter coupled with complaints that ‘Unite The Raver‘ had taken over many people’s timelines, Wiley’s jokes seemed to had encouraged many to join in with their own ‘Unite the Raver‘ tweets. Plus Ramzee added petrol to fire by encouraging every area and nation in turn to put their ‘Hand in the Air‘ causing retweets from many different angles.

I think it would be an idea for Ramzee to collaborate with Wiley to bring us an official track for Unite the Raver/Hand in the Air…… Just a thought…..

Ramzee has become renowned within the UK Funky circuit for the good vibes and fun that his lyrics bring. As none are based on degrading women or bragging about belongings or popping champagne, the appeal to join in with enjoyment is felt by all.


The Fives….. The Who?

It keeps happening everytime I mention their name so I thought I’d share some of their music to make you all aware….

It’s What You Do (Hottest By Far) has already featured, but there is more out there from these guys, have a listen:

Don’t ever say you didn’t get a bringing!! LOL

Believe when it’s said to keep a look out for these guys….. Also keep an eye peeled for the upcoming interview with QoS & Parks, when you’ll get to have a proper introduction.

KIG are Rollin……

Just released!!

The official release for K.I.G Family’s follow up single……..

I may be mistaken (or even blind), but where is Wiley??

K.I.G. Family team up with Wiley!!

What do you think….. Due to be another hit from the fellas?

Donaeo’s wearing Wiley’s Rolex!!

Ok so I may be a bit late on this one. Having been asked on a few occasions whether I had heard it, I thought it time I did my research. I’ve become a bit complacent recently when being alerted of Grime crossover or MC productions, as constant displeasure can eventually be disheartening. However I have to say I found this one a pleasant surprise.

We haven’t heard Donaeo showing off his singing abilities for a while now, and having teamed up with Wiley, the finishing product is one that captures the electro element that has been creeping into many of the recent grime productions. Of course with both of them being known for their MCing capabilities there has to be the occasional lyric or two.

The only thing that is confusing me with regards to this track is whether its Grime or Funky?