Rinse: 10 Marcus Nasty – Release and Tracklist!!

marcus nastyEveryone who is into the UK underground music scene knows about the Rinse Compilation releases. Supa D’s Rinse 03 Release also concentrated heavily on the UK Funky scene bringing the sound at that time to the fore front whilst also boosting Supa D’s profile outside of the club circuit.

In this instance, that isn’t the case. Marcus Nasty is a DJ that has received the most recognition of the scene having been named the ‘Godfather’ as well as the ‘King’.

With present homage on Rinse FM the most recognised pirate station, it only right the latest release hold the collaboration of both the leaders.

Rinse: 10 is released November 16th 2009


1.    Fuzzy Logik – Call Me feat. L.A. Cartier
2.    Lil Silva – Different
3.    Ill Blu – Rider
4.    Lil Silva – Seasons
5.    Mad One – Untitled
6.    Vato Gonzalez – 4 Minutes
7.    Lil Silva – Tribal Land
8.    Enrique Benetez – Cooking feat. Mia Mendez
9.    Crazy Cousinz – Always Be Mine
10.    Fuzzy Logik – In the Morning feat. Egypt
11.    Lil Silva – Untitled
12.    Altered Natives – Rass Out
13.    Nitro & Plague – Inside Pushing Up Flowers feat. Essence (Naughty Remix)
14.    Funkystepz – Bounce
15.    Geeneus – Yellowtail VIP
16.    Roska – Wonderful Day feat. Jamie George
17.    Agent X – Trauma
18.    Rudimental – Sexy Sexy feat. May
19.    Marc Ambiance – Raindance
20.    Perempay – Be Your Girl
21.    Kris Baya – Heartbreaker (Ill Blu Remix)
22.    Lil Silva – Pulse vs Funky
23.    S-Tee – Knocking at your Door feat. Sacha
24.    Scotty D & Nikki Slimting – The Sound
25.    Lil Silva – Untitled
26.    Sweet Boy Candy – Caught Up
27.    Jallapino – Turbulence
28.    Bass Boi – Hit the Dancefloor feat. Cad
29.    Funkystepz – Touch On Me

(Sourced from Fact Magazine)


Who’s The Best DJ?

Is this serious? Are they playing? Serious point raised nevertheless…..

So the important question is this: Who do YOU think is the Best Funky DJ??

It’s Alot Magazine Volume 4!!

Volume 4Includes:

*The Sound Of UK Funky – Interviews with Supa D, Pioneer & Footloose
*All In A Nights Work with Scratcha DVA
*Tribal Magz is Feeling Funky
*Ms Darks
*Interview with MC Versatile
*Drugs in the Clubs – MDMA/MDizzle and much more……

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Support the movement!!!

cd coverThe momentum has been built and the tracklisting has already been posted… But now it is FINALLY available for purchase!!!

I have a copy already and I give this compilation full star ratings. Each CD gives a great expression of the talents found with this UK Funky Movement from each of the leading DJs of the scene.

We’ve promoted many free mix CDs from the movement, so now is the time to dig into your pockets (not too deep, the CD costs a mere £10.99 – BARGAIN!!) and show your support for the movement in a way that really matters to keep it going, progressing and making mainstream success.

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The Sound of UK Funky

cd coverMixed by Supa D, Pioneer and Footloose, this is a compilation CD I can definitely see as being worth it’s price as well as pushing the movement forward. Just by checking the tracklisting below you can see that the selection is very wide, covering all the different elements of the UK Funky sound, doing exactly what is depicted in the title.

Click here to pre-order your copy. Released on 6th July 2009

Track list

Disc 1 – Mixed by Pioneer

1. Donae’o – Party Hard (Full Vocal)
2. DJ Naughty – Quicktime
3. Paleface Feat. Kyla – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)
4. ENUR Feat. Natasja – Calabria (2007 Club Mix)
5. Ultra Nate – Love’s The Only Drug (Original Mix)
6. Paleface – Run Away
7. Aaron Carl – Oasis (Nick Holder Vocal Mix)
8. Altered Natives – Rass Out
9. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Feat. Robin S – Show Me Love (Geeneus Mix)
10. Geeneus & Zinc Feat. Nikki – Emotions (VIP Mix)
11. Hardhouse Banton – Sirens
12. Kele Le Roc – So Good (My Love) (Diamond Remix)
13. DJ Naughty – Trouble’s Back
14. Nick Holder – Erotic Illusions (Triple T OV Mix)
15. Trackheadz Feat. Zaki – Feel (Vocal Mix)
16. Karizma – Twyst This
17. Hardhouse Banton – Reign
18. Courtney Dennie – Signed & Sealed
19. FunkyStepz – Sounds In Moruga
20. Diamond Feat. Sophia Romain – Fly Away

Disc 2 – Mixed by Footloose

1. ATKM (All The Kings Men) Feat. Leo The Lion – Call My Lions
2. Donae’o – Devil In A Blue Dress (Vocal Mix)
3. Geeneus Feat. Katy B – As I
4. Crazy Cousinz Feat. MC Versatile – Funky Anthem
5. Kid Cudi Vs Crookers – Day ‘N’ Nite (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
6. Lil Silva – Different
7. Karizma – Darqness (Tru Remix)
8. Brasstooth – Celebrate Life (Footloose Remix)
9. Delio D’Cruz Vs KCAT – Get Off The Wall (Delio D’Cruz Remix)
10. Blackhouse Project – Come Dancin’
11. Blackcoffee Feat. Bucie – Turn Me On (Original Mix)
12. DJ Footloose Feat. Courtney Dennie – So Dangerous (M. Sadler Remix)
13. Footsteps Feat. A L. – Tell Me
14. Bizzi – Bizzi’s Party (Soulful House Mix)
15. Marco Del Horno Feat. Katie Leone – Never Gonna Let You Go
16. N. B. – Funky Riddim Box (Sami Sanchez Mix)
17. Miss Fire Feat. Van Cleef – Lost In Your House
18. DJ Q Feat. Natz – Yours
19. Footloose Feat. Simone – Just Leave
20. Rebecca Knight – Guilty Secret (Sunday Showers)
21. TJ Cases Feat. Yvonne – Fragile

Disc 3 – Mixed by Supa D

1. Apple – Chantes
2. Mood II Swing – Can’t Get Away Accapella
3. Fr3e – Tribal Skank (Vocal Mix)
4. D-Malice – Gabrielle (Bootleg Mix)
5. Perempay & Dee Feat. Katie Pearl – In The Air
6. Undisputed – Sunglasses
7. Perempay & Dee – Buss It
8. DJ MA1 Feat. Sophia – I’m Right Here (DJ Naughty Remix)
9. Crazy Cousinz – Inflation
10. DVA Feat. Alahna – I’m Leaving (MA1 Remix)
11. Geeneus – Yellowtail (Original Mix)
12. Crazy Cousinz Feat. Kimona – I See You
13. Mista Bee -Amazon’s Night
14. Princess Nyah – Frontline
15. Apple Goy Goy – Cowbell
16. Donae’o – African Warrior
17. Funkystepz – Trinity Hill
18. L. A. Cartier Call Me
19. Bakongo – Bambara
20. Barber Bizzle Feat. Miss Fire – Do You Feel The Same
21. Fuzzy Logik – The Way You Move
22. Nat-Mor – I Feel

DJ/Producer MA-1 Gives It Up to Queen of Sheba

DJ/Producer MA-1

DJ/Producer MA-1

Following the release of his recent single, I caught up with DJ/Producer MA-1 to find out a little bit about him and his personal journey within the scene. How he got into the music, to becoming involved with the scene, to actually making the music within it.

Being a highly respected DJ/Producer within the movement I also thought it’d be interesting to find out his secrets on production and what he felt would benefit the scene in the long run as well as what it is that he personally favours……

What is your background within the scene? As in, how did you get into House Music?

Well I went to a rave with DJ Feva in November 2005. Then I only knew him as a Garage DJ. Tippa and IC were there playing some tunes mixed in with garage. I didn’t know what they were at the time because I’d never heard it before. Then Feva come on for the closing set and he was playing all these tunes again that just blew my head off. The crowd were just dancing and reacting in the same way that I was used to at old skool garage raves. I had to call him up and ask him what that music he was playing was. Garage wise I was into Tuff Jam and EZ and when I asked him, he was laughing. But he was playing older house stuff like Samurai and Gabryelle which just blew me away but yeah he told me what it was and I got really into it.

So what stage did you start getting into DJing funky house?

I went to a few clubs with Tippa and IC and really got into the music. These times they weren’t even Circle they were Allsbury Allstars. At that time I was buying a few of the early big tunes and I mixed them up and went down to Red Carpet one night and gave the guys over there a CD. He called me the next day to tell me that he wanted to do a giveaway CD to promote Red Carpet and that’s how I got to do one of the first rave CDs with an advert. That was like end of 2005. Before I knew it, I was hearing it everywhere. Nobody knew my face, but everyone knew my name because of this CD. The response just blew me away and all I wanted after that was to get bookings and get on to Deja Vu FM. At the time, it was the station that was really carrying the music. There was Kismet, Supa, Tippa, IC, Pioneer, Angie B and Dogtaniun and when I got there, well that was me. I’m on Rinse FM now though.


Did you see yourself ever gaining the status that you have i.e. playing across seas etc?

Not really, I got into it just for fun. When I started it was a hobby. I enjoyed mixing. All my friends round my area done it too. Back then it was about Speed Garage which was more the music of the working class rather than a black or white thing. Everyone raved together. But I remember going to college and asking people what Garage was. Then I went out to some raves and thought it was good and just starting buying the tunes. I then started off playing in little raves around the area and the places just got bigger and bigger. I’ve played for many pirate stations, Upfront, Freek FM and Flashback FM, but I did get to one point when I thought to forget it all. I was buying all these records and I questioned myself and what I was doing. Around June 2005 I gave up music. I just wanted to go work and just be normal. So it just happened really. I never planned any of it.

What stage did you feel that as well as playing you wanted to start producing?

Back then when I got into the scene most of the UK tunes were dubs that never had any vocals. The only vocal tune at that had really taken off at that time was NG’s “Tell me”. I just wanted to make a tune that was a good vocal track and that was my goal. I always wanted to do that and eventually in the end, I did it. I made the tune in my bedroom. It wasn’t that easy though. When I first made the tune, I never had anyone to vocal it. I asked the people I knew if they knew any singers and it turned out that Sophia lived at the top of my road and I’d known her since she was little. Anyway, she came to my house, and recorded it. I then had to go to a professional recording studio, pay my money and get it mixed down. Before I knew it all the DJs were playing it, then I got a call from 1xtra saying they wanted to put my tune on the radio playlist and then it just blew up all over the radio really quick. Being a DJ and using my experience from other scenes, I realised that the people who really cross the boundaries are producers. Other than EZ and Heartless, people remember the producers from the Garage scene i.e. Artful Dodger, so knew that was what I wanted to do.

Karnival Music….. Explain what that’s about……

It’s my record label. The name really comes from the fact that at the time most of the sound was of an afrobeat style, so to me, what we were playing was carnival music, so that’s what I named it. It’s not just for my tunes though, if I hear tunes that I like, I can push it for you and we can cut some kind of deal, then I put it out. Basically it’s because say for instance, you get a producer who is up in Birmingham, he could make a banging tune, but it doesn’t really get heard. But if I take it and it goes on my label, then the level of exposure is much more. For instance there are other tracks that have been put on my label where I’ve come to an agreement with people. Now if they gave it directly to one of the bigger named DJs, the chances of him listening to it and playing it are lower than if it’s given to him by me. So yeah, that’s that.

Give It Up ft Sim Simi has recently been released. Tell me a bit about the background of that track…

I made “Give It Up” very soon after I made “I’m Right Here”. Me and Simone hooked up through MySpace. She hollered at me to say that she liked my sound and wanted us to work together and I called her up. We talked about what she wanted to do and then got together basically. But because “I’m Right Here” was so popular, I kind of put it on a back burner. But when I saw that things had really calmed down with “I’m Right Here” and other tracks had pushed it out of the spotlight, I felt that it was time to put it out. Give It Up is out now on junodownload.com, ukfunky.com and dubplate.net. It’s selling really well.

Do you feel that the funky scene is here to stay for an era, or do you feel that is may fizzle out as a phase?

I don’t know if it’s gonna stay forever. I mean I hope it does. But the music scene has changed a lot since I first got involved in 05. From the way we play it to who the top DJs are. When I started it was all about Booker T and Gavin Peters, now you hear more about Supa D, Pioneer and Marcus Nasty. I think its going to continue evolving, so it can’t be going anywhere for now.

What do you think will help the scene to grow bigger than it is right now to really embed itself within the mainstream?

Better quality tunes and a chart success. No question about that. I’m not gonna act all big about the quality of my production and that because I’m still learning myself and I give respect to anyone who has sat down for hours from day to day, to make a beat, whether I personally think its good or not. But they have to do the best they can do. Whether they get it mixed down by somebody else, there’s no shame in someone else mixing down your tracks for you. Get a professional. I did it, there’s no shame in it and if you’re looking to make a banger, you’d be surprised how much a difference mixing it down can make. I think at the moment, people outside of our scene are listening to the majority of our tunes and thinking that we’re all jokers. They hear our music and think to themselves “What’s that?” See it’s difficult, some people are impartial to our sound, others want to criticise it. The majority of the nation hasn’t heard anything we do as yet because commercial radio isn’t really supporting our sound. They all have our tracks, but they’re not really play listed during the day time so most people outside of the urban areas will never have heard it. Take Bongo Jam for instance, it got a lot of publicity due to Big Brother, but Harry Hill totally disrespected it. Then there’s the London club scene at the moment which still exists but they’re all knocking it saying there’s trouble. But there’s trouble in normal clubs as well.

So what do you personally love most about the scene?

It’s new, different and fresh. When I first saw it I knew it was gonna be big. I saw it. I had to be part of it. It’ll grow and it’ll get more popular. Some of the tunes will get commercial and hit charts. Like with Garage, when that first started it was underground, but there were many Garage chart hits. Whether its next year or a few more after that. This isn’t by far the final article.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Not really, but this whole funky thing is all good and its spreading around the country and it’s across seas. Napa really helped the scene grow and it’s really strong up north now, so it’s still growing and it will grow a lot further. The whole Bassline thing is rumoured to be calming down so it’s time for funky to really take over the whole country. That’s the next step.