What’s REALLY Hot!!??

Are you a DJ looking for some less commercial UK Funky sounds? Below you can find some EPs that are either now available or due for release soon…..

DJ Naughty – Goosebumps EP

Released on Roska’s Kicks & Snares label, one of the pioneering producers of the UK Funky sound having creating one of the UK Funky classic bangers titled ‘Quicktime‘ has done what he has great reputation for: producing another banger. Naughty has produced many favourites including Fire Power and Troubles Back as well as doing some great remixes for artists for tracks like ‘Love Lock Down‘ and ‘Sea Sick

Goosebumps is available NOW via the common electronical stores where
you’d usually find other releases from the Kicks & Snares label including iTunes, Traxsource and Juno Download.

Major Notes – Ashanti Spears EP

Major Notes first featured with his powerful vocal featuring Jaide Green titled ‘Hooked on You‘ and his Winter Heatwave EP. Since Major has continued to give us many varied helpings of his own sound including Junglebook and more commercially recognised Friend of Mine, which received airplay on stations such as Choice FM and BBC 1xtra as well as the many underground stations. Some of the Major Notes productions hold a more House elemented sound and now he has returned with the Ashanti Spears EP.

Like what you’re hearing? Available 18th October 2010 in all
well known west end record shops (London).

Smoove Kriminal – The 24HR EP

A producer who is actively making an impression on the circuit since emerging a year ago. Doing everything independently, the levels this producer has reached in order to showcase have been extremely impressive. Previous releases have been available for purchase via UKFunky.Com and Juno Download as well as participating in free downloads. If you’d like to scope through Smoove Kriminal’s productions, check out his YouTube Channel.

The 24HR EP will available independently via www.smoovekriminal.com
only on 18th October 2010.


Who’s The Best DJ?

Is this serious? Are they playing? Serious point raised nevertheless…..

So the important question is this: Who do YOU think is the Best Funky DJ??

It’s Alot Magazine Volume 4!!

Volume 4Includes:

*The Sound Of UK Funky – Interviews with Supa D, Pioneer & Footloose
*All In A Nights Work with Scratcha DVA
*Tribal Magz is Feeling Funky
*Ms Darks
*Interview with MC Versatile
*Drugs in the Clubs – MDMA/MDizzle and much more……

Click image or here to read!!

Support the movement!!!

cd coverThe momentum has been built and the tracklisting has already been posted… But now it is FINALLY available for purchase!!!

I have a copy already and I give this compilation full star ratings. Each CD gives a great expression of the talents found with this UK Funky Movement from each of the leading DJs of the scene.

We’ve promoted many free mix CDs from the movement, so now is the time to dig into your pockets (not too deep, the CD costs a mere £10.99 – BARGAIN!!) and show your support for the movement in a way that really matters to keep it going, progressing and making mainstream success.

Go Cop Dat!!

The Sound of UK Funky

cd coverMixed by Supa D, Pioneer and Footloose, this is a compilation CD I can definitely see as being worth it’s price as well as pushing the movement forward. Just by checking the tracklisting below you can see that the selection is very wide, covering all the different elements of the UK Funky sound, doing exactly what is depicted in the title.

Click here to pre-order your copy. Released on 6th July 2009

Track list

Disc 1 – Mixed by Pioneer

1. Donae’o – Party Hard (Full Vocal)
2. DJ Naughty – Quicktime
3. Paleface Feat. Kyla – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)
4. ENUR Feat. Natasja – Calabria (2007 Club Mix)
5. Ultra Nate – Love’s The Only Drug (Original Mix)
6. Paleface – Run Away
7. Aaron Carl – Oasis (Nick Holder Vocal Mix)
8. Altered Natives – Rass Out
9. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Feat. Robin S – Show Me Love (Geeneus Mix)
10. Geeneus & Zinc Feat. Nikki – Emotions (VIP Mix)
11. Hardhouse Banton – Sirens
12. Kele Le Roc – So Good (My Love) (Diamond Remix)
13. DJ Naughty – Trouble’s Back
14. Nick Holder – Erotic Illusions (Triple T OV Mix)
15. Trackheadz Feat. Zaki – Feel (Vocal Mix)
16. Karizma – Twyst This
17. Hardhouse Banton – Reign
18. Courtney Dennie – Signed & Sealed
19. FunkyStepz – Sounds In Moruga
20. Diamond Feat. Sophia Romain – Fly Away

Disc 2 – Mixed by Footloose

1. ATKM (All The Kings Men) Feat. Leo The Lion – Call My Lions
2. Donae’o – Devil In A Blue Dress (Vocal Mix)
3. Geeneus Feat. Katy B – As I
4. Crazy Cousinz Feat. MC Versatile – Funky Anthem
5. Kid Cudi Vs Crookers – Day ‘N’ Nite (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
6. Lil Silva – Different
7. Karizma – Darqness (Tru Remix)
8. Brasstooth – Celebrate Life (Footloose Remix)
9. Delio D’Cruz Vs KCAT – Get Off The Wall (Delio D’Cruz Remix)
10. Blackhouse Project – Come Dancin’
11. Blackcoffee Feat. Bucie – Turn Me On (Original Mix)
12. DJ Footloose Feat. Courtney Dennie – So Dangerous (M. Sadler Remix)
13. Footsteps Feat. A L. – Tell Me
14. Bizzi – Bizzi’s Party (Soulful House Mix)
15. Marco Del Horno Feat. Katie Leone – Never Gonna Let You Go
16. N. B. – Funky Riddim Box (Sami Sanchez Mix)
17. Miss Fire Feat. Van Cleef – Lost In Your House
18. DJ Q Feat. Natz – Yours
19. Footloose Feat. Simone – Just Leave
20. Rebecca Knight – Guilty Secret (Sunday Showers)
21. TJ Cases Feat. Yvonne – Fragile

Disc 3 – Mixed by Supa D

1. Apple – Chantes
2. Mood II Swing – Can’t Get Away Accapella
3. Fr3e – Tribal Skank (Vocal Mix)
4. D-Malice – Gabrielle (Bootleg Mix)
5. Perempay & Dee Feat. Katie Pearl – In The Air
6. Undisputed – Sunglasses
7. Perempay & Dee – Buss It
8. DJ MA1 Feat. Sophia – I’m Right Here (DJ Naughty Remix)
9. Crazy Cousinz – Inflation
10. DVA Feat. Alahna – I’m Leaving (MA1 Remix)
11. Geeneus – Yellowtail (Original Mix)
12. Crazy Cousinz Feat. Kimona – I See You
13. Mista Bee -Amazon’s Night
14. Princess Nyah – Frontline
15. Apple Goy Goy – Cowbell
16. Donae’o – African Warrior
17. Funkystepz – Trinity Hill
18. L. A. Cartier Call Me
19. Bakongo – Bambara
20. Barber Bizzle Feat. Miss Fire – Do You Feel The Same
21. Fuzzy Logik – The Way You Move
22. Nat-Mor – I Feel

My Top 10 House/Funky Mix CDs of 2008

With my ‘Mix CD of the Month’ feature in mind, I felt it was only logical when DJ Sef suggested I put up my favourites for the whole of 2008 following his. I wasn’t sure if I had enough favourites when he first suggested it, but it came to light that I had favourite CDs in abundance. In a matter of fact I’ve had a few CDs on heavy rotation this year…

Couple had drifted over from 2007, and to be honest, there is a particular Pioneer CD that I really wish I could include. The CD lived in my bedroom stereo for nearly 4 months!! Fearing I wouldn’t get it back, I had to compromise and put it on a USB stick which I would borrow out instead…… If you know about the Paradise meets Persuasion CD for Pioneers B’day Bash in 2007, then you will know what I’m talking about. The CD in its prime proved to be heavy conversion material.

Moving on swiftly to which CDs have been my favourites in 2008, I would like to make it clear that I have NOT got EVERY CD that was released, SO there may be some that I would’ve preferred out there and if your CD isn’t mentioned, there is NO implication behind it.

DJs are listed in alphabetical order

1. Carlos Aries – I Wanna Funk You – Summer 08
2. D-Malice – Diamond In Da Ruff Vol. 1
3. D- Pressure – Summer Soulbox 08
4. Deja Vu – Are You Funkin Serious Vol. 1
5. Funk Butcher – Soul Fool
6. Geeneus – Yellow 20th March 2008
7. Gumbo & Coldsteps – I Will Be There meets Man of the House
8. Scholar T – Funky Junkie 20th June 2008
9. Teaser – House Journal
10. Twista – Dubplate Specials

There were many other CDs that didn’t make the list that were still heavy rotators. So I’d like to BIG up all the DJs out there doing their thing and never forget all the producers providing us with that selection that makes our bodies move. Without them, there would be no music. It’s all about spreading love within the movement and taking it much further forward than 2009!!

Peace, love, health and prosperity…..

QoS xXx

Matt Jam Lamont talks Funky!!!

Matt Jam Lamont

Matt Jam Lamont

I recently carried out an interview with Matt Jam Lamont for UrbanWorld.Com which unexpectedly drifted on to the subject of UK House also known as Funky. I thought that as a major DJ his perspective was very valuable……. Here are a few questions from the interview:

Is there any chance of you crossing genres in the future to playing UK House productions?

I’ve never ever stopped playing House. I was playing it before Garage came alive. So it’s not something that I’ve stopped or started playing. I’ve always played House. It’s just that I’m more known for Garage from back in the day. With any genre, there is always a new style that branches off and the UK stuff is raw, some would say under produced, but that’s what it is, but really it’s just another branch coming of the House genre. House has been there forever so it’s not me jumping on to anything else, if there’s a certain track that is produced and I like it, then I’ll play it.

Do you see the UK House scene growing and staying or do you see it rapidly going back underground?

Garage was around for nearly 11 years and it done what it really needed to do. The UK House scene, I think it could stay around as it has such a dominant father figure in House. It has a good chance of being around for the while. There are so many sub-genres from House, it’ll be interesting to see what it does. I think the production needs to be tighter on a few things, but look at Devil in a Blue Dress. It’s a big anthem. But for UK House to get more stronger abroad, they do need to tighten up production a little bit and have the big major players playing it abroad too. But I can see a good life span in it. I’ve noticed that up north a lot of the DJs have stopped playing Bassline, and are moving over to House and its known for people to jump genre to whatever is popular, so that happening shows that the popularity is definitely growing. But I would say that a lot of the DJs that are playing UK House also play US stuff too so it’s getting balanced out and with things from Defected etc so although there is a scene there, it’s not dominated by UK House productions.

The US productions are very prominent within the music…..

It’s like with Drum and Bass. It’s a very British thing but you have a lot of Americans and Germans making it too because they love it, so the UK House sound is not really anything new. But there is a certain sound that’s developing as a new branch of House music which is great. In a year’s time, I do hope that it will be stronger but I don’t think these guys will start to only play UK stuff. I think they’ll still be playing productions from around the world that plays nicely with what they’re playing, which is evident if you look at Footloose or Pioneer’s play list. The UK House scene is getting stronger, but I don’t think it’ll be able to do it on its own.

Do you think Funky and Garage are the same?

Yeah, but you know, I think that’s because a lot of the ex garage producers are now making it so its carrying a lot of the same sounds. So that’s why it’s more on a UK stage than a House stage. Because I can play it in any UK set and I play it with Garage. But it’s not new garage or anything. There’s not really much that that new about it, I could probably find something similar from 1990. Things start to evolve and its given a new name to help give it a push so I guess it’s simply just a new branch of house. It hasn’t blown up to me as yet because it hasn’t blown up in Ibiza. That’s the biggest clubbing island in Summer. So until that happens…….. I’m not knocking it at all. I hope it does get bigger because there are some tracks which I really do like. So let’s develop it and make it stronger now.