Breaking Away….

We’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while….. The behind the scenes footage has been circulating since August 2009 but it’s FINALLY here!!

Katie Pearl (vocalist featuring on Perempay n Dee – In The Air) has teamed up with Jemmel for her follow up ‘Breakaway’. Available on digital download 8th February 2010.


Something’s In The Air!!

Another OFFICIAL video has been released that all the funky connoisseurs will definitely appreciate…… This one has been waited on for so long, I’m flipping excited MATE!!!

There must be “Something In The Air!!”

Although I expected more from Perempay N Dee, I’m hoping this video gives other producers the encouragement to not be swayed from the music as the Soulful tracks within the genre are loved with the same enthusiasm as the material we have been seeing a lot of recently.


New Music Uptown!!!

It’s an eventful time for releases this week with Uptown Records now stocking the following for your vinyl collection:

*D-Malice – The Refix EP
*Roska – Elevated Levels EP
*Perempay – Buss It
*Crazy Cousins – Bongo Jam EP

Yes that’s correct!!….. All 4 are available NOW on vinyl @ Uptown Records!!!

Be sure to purchase your copies!!!

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