2011 UK Funky Going Forth

2010 was an odd year… UK funky progressed, got slated, got rated and also got frustrated. But why and how? More importantly how will it be overcome? What lessons can be learnt? What needs to be changed and what needs to stay the same? Having the title of the UK Funky blogger, I felt it only right to take a deeper look. Following analysis, here you’ll find the conclusion…

2011 UK Funky Going Forth….

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2010 Top 20 UK House & Funky Tracks


Princess Nyah: Take Control (official video)

It cannot be denied that Nyah has made consistent progressive steps throughout her musical career upholding a steady reputation of grafting hard all the way. Remember the days when Nyah was constantly up and down the country in her tutu declaring that she was on the frontline?? She definitely was…..

Alongside Nyah’s progression she has also shown a great level of maturity within her music and how it is displayed. Have a look at this video for her upcoming release ‘Take Control’, the young lady is surely on FIRE!!


Take Control is available on Princess Nyah’s upcoming Take Control EP released on 16th January 2011 via all digital platforms.

Official Hooligans Video

Video on the Frontline….

Once again there’s another video release….. This one is another that has been long awaited. Some will know that this is the second recording of the video…. Both had their own appeals…..

Loving the camera work on this one though, directed by Luke Van Boom (the man behind Donaeo’s videos and also Big Boys), who is also a strong member within the My Ish Family….

Check it out!!!!

Funky Special Part 2

Last night was another funky special from DJ Cameo on BBC London’s 1xtra. Guests were Ill Blu, Nyah aka Ghetto Princess, Ava B, Coldsteps, Kaos and Donaeo. I didn’t think this show was as good as the previous week but still was definitely worth the listen for a few exclusives and inside information.

Stream or Download the show HERE!!


Diamond Feat Sophia Romain – Fly Away
V Man – Sweet Blu
K.I.G Family – Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
Asher & 1st Born – Look So Good
Princess Feat Coldsteps – Frontline (Remix)

Funky Freestlye Session with Princess, Coldsteps, Kaos, Donaeo & Ava B

Leo – I Don’t Mind (Do You Mind Remix)
Attacca Pesante Feat Shea Soul – Make It Funky For Me
Fuzzy Logic Feat Egypt – In The Morning