Tribal Magz Still Doing It Tribal

Entering on to the UK Funky scene in early 2009 with Tribal Man Skank which sampled Lil Silva’s Seasons, Tribal Magz has continued to face all the tribulations thrown his way and has finally released the long awaited album which is now a mixtape titled ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’ showcasing all of his tracks thus far.

Including the Tribal Man Skank remix featuring Gracious K, a track only released via YouTube and the video shortly removed; many didn’t get a chance to hear it. At the time, released as a remix, it lacked creativity so it’s time had passed, but in hindsight the track could’ve been an entertaining if exclusively performed as a PA to bring the audience something new as Migraine Skank and Tribal Man Skank started to exhaust their time, becoming repetitive.

Feeling Funky produced by KG, was a track generally favoured when released, however it had it’s own experience of turmoil with release as the video has to be shot two times, the finishing product disappointing. ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’ includes both the original and remix feat Sway which was previously only available via Sway’s mixtape. Many ear drums haven’t been graced with this adaptation, even though it was openly appreciated by those who were lucky enough to be a recipient. Some even claimed it was better.

The mixtape overall boasts a number of other collaborations with Tribal Magz including Haynzy, Dymunds, Slix (Ruff Squad) and Lioness not to mention ‘Back 2 Funk’ which has Tribal Man, Flirta D, KIG, Gracious K, Dotstar and Funky Dee all on one track! Does Tribal Magz wish to share his spotlight or is he bewildered about having to stand in it alone? Either way the young man who has always marketed himself as an artist has continued to push through declined clearance, delayed videos and many management changes to produce more than has been achieved by a number of his peers.

Click Here to get your hands on a copy of ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’


Pirates of the UK: The search for producers Treasure

No it’s not another epic featuring Captain Jack Black; this one in fact stars you.

That is if you fall into the category of a Pirate?

This isn’t skull and crossbones business; this is theft, piracy if you like, of the secret Treasure known as UK & US House music producers tracks.

Late 2008 heading into 2009 saw the birth of a trend emerge in the UK, budding Musicians/pretend producers/artists/mc whatever you want to call them, have found it ok to take an up and coming or existing track spit bars on it aka chat fart (in some cases) and claim it as their “Riddim” to be released through the underground grapevine in the quest for those 5 minutes of fame.

Imagine just for a second if one these tracks were to be bigger than we could imagine, the interviewer turns to the artist/mc/whatever? and says:

“So where did you get your inspiration?”

“How did you go about making the beats, bass and everything fit together?”

What would be the answer? Even the most brazen pirate wouldn’t answer it was inspiration through blood, sweat and tears in front of my keyboard and Logic/Cubase/Reason/Pro tools!

More like… “Boyyyy man was having a laugh over this beat and thought it sounded good so I just ran wid it still….. true dem man thought it was nang I emailed it to couple funky dj’s innit”

How can you feel that hijacking someone’s inspiration and talking over the top of it makes it yours? Some might say it’s the lyrics – please don’t make me quote, some people might get embarrassed. If I stole from your house it doesn’t make anything mine, it makes me a thief!

This isn’t the Reggae industry, we don’t have artists giving their take on a dropleaf riddim, or a taxi riddim. One producer, one track.

It has long been said that creativity is the key, what will send this scene to an early grave is the lack of it! How many nursery rhyme tunes were posted on you tube and facebook after Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes? How many Dance move/Skank tunes have there been since?

I remember someone at school that used to hate me copying their homework if I didn’t do mine (I was bad like that lol), If I were a music producer and someone took my beat I think I’d feel like that kid used to, that someone took or copied my work and is getting props from it.

I think to the some of the scenes current producers in the U.K. the likes of Apple, Footsteps, and at least two of Lil Silva’s beats that have been held to ransom by Pirates, reworking it with a 16 bar or the steps to new dance move. How must they feel?

Many of us, the slightly older crowd, came up through the raving ranks. Through the times of Jungle, D&B, and Garage and can remember the versatility and range of tracks that made these genres as successful as they were and last for as long as they did or have.

The music we listened to over those years has no doubt influenced many of the sounds we hear today, for the young guns coming up through grime and now funky, if the message is one of support for unofficial mc/skank tracks using a Apple or Silva banger then that’s exactly what some will do in order get in the game!

We now have a whole catalogue of these tunes!!

This scene is still relatively quite new as many would agree, and has yet to hit the heights of the number ones and top tens achieved in UK Garage, but there is no reason its potential cannot be reached if the sound is creative and innovative.

This is not mc bashing, grime hating, skank hating or any kind of hating, and although some of you may have read through this, there will be the odd few that read the above line and miss the point that says NOT HATING OF ANY KIND!

There are enough singers, MC’s with catchy one liners, and Producers in this scene to keep it progressing and remain one of the fastest growing underground forms of UK Music. Collaborating is something that I would encourage, imagine your favourite singer or mc making a big tune with your favourite producer? It can only be a good thing!

To take something and use it as your own is not collaborating, and could ruin a fruitful relationship if permission was not sought after before use.

I leave you now with a few definitions, food for thought maybe.

Theft – (noun): the act of stealing; the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another.

Pirate – (noun): a person who uses or reproduces the work or invention of another without authorization

Creative – (adjective): resulting from originality of thought, expression

Article by: Ghost-writer

The One Liner Genre?

During the rise of the UK Funky scene the number of Hosts/MCs were rather sporadic. All had gained their veterinary within a previous underground music scene and the aspiring Hosts/MCs were reporting to find it hard to gain platform to showcase their talents. With the veterinary wanting to pioneer the new club scene alone, this resulted in a lack of guidance for newcomers. Feeling pressured to not apply too many bars over the music, as to not make it sound too much like Grime or even Garage, the only clear instruction given to those with ambition to be the man with the microphone in hand, was to keep the bars simple. A hook that is gentle within it’s flow. This changed however as soon as the ‘Nursery Grime’ phase arose.

Within the release of these ‘Nursery Grimes’ it became standard practice for an aspiring Host/MC or artist to find a Funky instrumental and make a track in the way that is heavily witnessed within the Bashment genre. This lead to an influx of new ‘artists’ on the scene and an evolution within the UK Funky sound. Which also left the scene facing a divide.

On the plus side, this change has not only aided in success of limelight, with interest shown from major labels and also media, but this also brang with it a large influx from other UK genres from artists who recognised the opportunity as a genre that could bring them their much desired and previously thwarted success. The result has been many chanced one-liners chanted over and already known Funky production with the most identified being repeated in general conversation amongst followers and non-followers having become the current representation of music.

The composers of the one-liners are receiving the most media and record label attention, leaving the original Funky styled productions at the waste side. A track like “Oi You! Are you gonna bang!?” is jumped on by a major record label A&R with Apple (the producer of Chantes, the track underneath) not even recognised for his talents. Chants like “Show me how you get down!” repeated by the youths who become all to familiar who Gracious K is, but are more than bewildered at the mention of DJ Gregory or Hardhouse Banton. Maxwell D has managed to continue his musical surf across the UK homegrown genres, making a ground breaking effect within his BlackBerry Hype anthem, even to the extreme of stocking a beverage sharing the same name. But the rise of Lil’ Silva has remained a pledge of his own, even with many of these one-lined tracks being applied over many of his productions!!

This is a major turn of events since the Funky scene first arose, when the common complaint was that there were too many instrumentals. Since, there have been many ‘soulful’ styled productions but only a fair few receive any recognition. Minus Egypt’s In The Morning produced by Fuzzy Logik, the same attention from major record label A&Rs has been failed to be achieved. Attacca Pesante ft Shea Soul – Make It Funky For Me, Footsteps ft A.L. – Tell Me, MVP ft Louise Williams – Take Me Away, these are a handful of very well produced soulful Funky tracks that have been disregarded by majors and media, yet they hold a much larger diversity of appeal to the general music listener.

The Funky scene has become to signify a sub-genre where you can gain success from a simple one-liner that requires no level of wit or intelligence to compose. Yet gain the most exposure in commercial media via radio and TV. But how long will this mainstream media last? Can a genre survive on a plague of one-liners? Is Funky due to go down in history as the genre remembered for it’s punchlines? Will any of the one-line composers be able to adapt into what the Funky sound was originally about? Will they start working ‘with’ producers to compose their tracks? Will the more talented ‘artists’ within the genre start getting the same level of attention from media and major label A&Rs? Who knows?…..

If we reflect on the short-lived spotlight received by K.I.G. Family following the release of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, it has been proven that without a follow up that holds the same degree of impact, a one-liner has the same lifespan as a seasonal flower. However in saying this, follow up tracks are proving to be a major task within the artists of the scene at present. Donaeo is the only artist to have already released an album at the moment. We can only hope the majority of fellow artists can follow suit.

So we’ve witnessed a rise and takeover by MC/Skank tracks, I am intrigued as to what the next step in evolution holds for the Funky scene.

Party Hard or Go Home?

I listened to this trying to work out if it was a snippet from a mix CD or a new track. We’ve seen many Hosts or MCs applying bars to instrumental funky tracks but this one has been added to You Tube with the following declaration…..

” Dont get it twisted im not an MC or artist im simply the party host with most out of the street sound called Top Boyz. My job is to make people rave, have a good time and play the biggest tunes out there. Call me the UK Fatman Scoop lol, this is my little Ayia Napa warm up skanking special to get you ready to party hard or go home!!

Big up all the artists making the dancing tunes, keep doing it like the Jamaican artists do. Forget about whats real funky, wonky or pop funky lets just enjoy music and enjoy raving. Ayia Napa 2009 here we come!!”

Say No More!!!

I think Lil Silva deserves a HUGE payout though….. No word of a lie!!

Big Boy Funky Special!!

Tuesday night I heard what I think has been the best producer showcase that has taken place thus far. Tuned in to DJ Cameo on BBC London’s specialist urban station 1xtra, I wanted to see what this Funky Special I’d been hearing about so much was all about. What can I say…. Cameo delivered. Kicking off with Party Hard by Donaeo, it was evident that this was going to be a good show.


The part of the show I had tuned in to hear included interviews with a few UK Funky producers. Roska and Lil Silva in the studio, plus additional pre-recorded audio. It’s time to take notes for release info people!!

kicks and snaresRoska
Promise by Darkus Beat Production (Roska VIP) due for release January 2009
In Your Handbag due for release Jan/Feb 09. Look out for the Video!!


Lil Silva
Funky Flex & Pulse Remix EP released next week – 15th December 2008
Lil Silva is also releasing another EP in Jan 09 which features a track titled “Different”. If you like Sirens, you’ll love this!!


Album due out titled “Producer Turned Artist” Summer 09 containing Funky, Electro and Drum & Bass. This will contain Donaeo’s full Funky catalogue.

*Exclusive* Devil In A Blue Dress Remix
Naughty has taken Donaeo’s vocals and applied them to a backing track of his own. This enables us listeners to absorb the vocals without the classic riff that is the original’s trademark. Naughty has given the track a whole new vibe with a jazzy soulful rendition. Best thing is Donaeo likes it!!
Mutya Buena – She’s Just A (Naughty Remix)
This track was originally a bashment track, however due to its appeal it is being re-released as a funky track. Look out for this one!!

Invasion Crew
OB is the producer behind Signed and Sealed by Courtney Dennie which is out now.
The duo also have another track titled “Candlelit” which is out Jan 09
Also out Jan 09 is Domino Effect by Addictive (Invasion Remix). This vocal track is seriously funky. Tribal but electro and broken. What was my first description?? Hmmm…… Funky. I’ll stick to that for simple descriptions.

*Exclusive* Elevation
This track struck me as slightly “Bugzy” but there is too strong of an invasion signature sound, accompanied with the sharp invasion drop to get it twisted. “Definitely a banger” – DJ Cameo

*Exclusive* Night Time
You may have heard this track while out around town and on your radio or mix CDs. If you didn’t know who was behind this production…. You do now!!

DJ Cameo is back next week with another Funky Special. Tune in BBC 1Xtra Tuesday 22.00-00.00 hrs

Stream or Download the show HERE!!!


Donaeo – Party Hard (Cameo Special)
DMT – Touch You
Baby KT – As I
Attacca Pesante Feat Shea Soul – Make It Funky For Me
Apple – Chantes
K. I.G Family – Head, shoulders, Knees & Toes
Fuzzy Logic Feat Egypt – In The Morning
May Day Feat Coco Bee – Deeper
Addictive – My Love (Remix)
Presidential Sounds – Touch MY
Doctor – I Want It
Frisco – Sexy Girls
Mr V – Jungle Fever
Sub Zero ft Tezz Kid – Rockstar
Bass Boy ft Pheleba – Daydream
Darkus – Promise (Roska Remix)
Lil Silva – Pulse VS Funky Flex
Roska – In Your Handbag
Lil Silva – Different

Pre-recording with Donaeo, Naughty and Invasion Crew!

Donaeo – Party Hard
Naughty – Devil In Blue Dress (Remix)
Magic Touch – Signed And Sealed
Addictive – Domino Effect (Invasion Crew Remix)
Tadow – Elevation
Fingaprint – Night Time
D-Malice – Gabryelle Refix (Cameo Special)

Remember, Remember, The 3rd of November!!

What an eventful time it is on the scene this 3rd November!! There are releases being unleashed everywhere!!

As we know Monday is a favoured part of the week for funky heads already with ‘More Music Monday’ at MP3 store. This week the following tracks will be added:

• Roska – Before Elevated Levels EP
• Funky Boy – Funky Boy
• Funky Boy ft Kimona – Change
• Seany B ft Monique Paris – Make Your Move

We’ve been blessed with another extra special treat this Monday as we can also purchase the much talked about “In The Club Vol. 1” DVD that we’ve all been waiting for….. Being the 1st 100% UK Funky DVD, this will provide the biggest insight into the movement within the UK. Showcasing DJ sets, interviews and many more promised features, this DVD is looking to be HOT property!!

UKFunky.Com present In The Club Vol 1

UKFunky.Com present In The Club Vol 1

This DVD is EXCLUSIVE to UKFunky.Com and comes with guaranteed delivery (UK Only)

The man behind the UK Funky classic “I’m Right Here” is also gracing us with another soulful hit this Monday. MA-1 has teamed up with Sim Simi to bring us “Give It Up”. This track has been floating around for a while and was also given an exclusive promo release last week’s ‘More Music Monday’. Now the remixes will also be available too!! Ensure you get yourself a copy of this, if you haven’t already. There’s enough reputation for this one to become another classic.

Meleka has an official release of her debut single Go with full remixes from Crazy Cousinz, Diamond, Sid Mercutio, Booda Bassline and Doug McCourt. The Crazy Cousinz remix has been has been blowing up the clubs and is now available for us all to purchase for our own listening pleasure.

One of the scenes undercover producers Ghostman, has turned his MySpace into an MP3 store having released his full back catalogue within his blogs section. This producer has been track listed on various mainstream radio stations, such as BBC1 Xtra, Radio 1 and Kiss FM as well as worldwide in countries such as US, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Japan. Take a look and see if you find anything you fancy!!

You can find his MySpace here…..

Uptown Records have also added some more anthems to their catalogue this week for Pre-Order. Frontline the club anthem that has been tearing down the club scene since early summer is going to finally be available for purchase on vinyl as will Seasons and Funky Flex from Lil Silva. Also HOT off the repress is Fuzzy Logik’s Banger’s and Mash. This EP SOLD OUT first time around and MP3 release is not currently scheduled. To purchase now may be your final chance??