2011 UK Funky Going Forth

2010 was an odd year… UK funky progressed, got slated, got rated and also got frustrated. But why and how? More importantly how will it be overcome? What lessons can be learnt? What needs to be changed and what needs to stay the same? Having the title of the UK Funky blogger, I felt it only right to take a deeper look. Following analysis, here you’ll find the conclusion…

2011 UK Funky Going Forth….

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2010 Top 20 UK House & Funky Tracks


DJ Cameo’s Focus is Funky….

CameoThis week Cameo was back giving the airwaves another helping of a Funky Showdown and this time around Cameo’s showcase was on a trendsetting level. Boasting exclusivity as well as major talent within the scene, there was ample amount of satisfaction for an event. Those that managed to catch the show could only have been appreciative of the quality of the show.

With guests Paleface, Kyla, Seany B, Lil’ London, D-Malice, D Read. E, Mystery, Accatta Pesante, MA-1 and Egypt, there were exclusives coming out of the kitchen everywhere! To add to this were live performances of great quality. Egypt the vocalist of Fuzzy Logik’s ‘In The Morning’, being my favourite. The track is causing a major storm at the moment!!

If you missed the show you can listen to it again here or download it here!!


Donaeo – Party Hard (Dub plate)
Most Wanted, Coldsteps & Kaos – Ayia Napa Anthem

Interview – Paleface & Kyla
LIVE PA – Paleface & Kyla – Daydream Live P.A

Paleface ft Alizae Levy & Maxwell D – One Night Stand

Interview – Seani B & Little London
LIVE PA – Seani B & Little London – Mr Seduction

Little London– Mr Seduction
D Malice – Gabryelle

Interview – D Malice

D Malice – Visions
D Malice Ft Rebecca Knight– Poison

Interview – D Read. D & Kai

D Read. D – Extra
D Read. D ft Kai – Confused

DJ Mystery Feat Natalie Kay – Speechless

Interview – DJ Mystery

DJ Mystery Feat Miss Bree – Worth Much More
Attacca Pesante – Sparta

Interview – Attacca Pesante & Shea Soul Live In The Studio
LIVE PA – Attacca Pesante Feat Shea Soul – Make It Funky For Me

MA-1 – Waterfalls

Interview – MA-1

MA-1 feat Sadie Ama – Those Were days

Interview – Egypt
Live PA – Fuzzi Logik ft Egypt – In the Morning