Tribal Magz Still Doing It Tribal

Entering on to the UK Funky scene in early 2009 with Tribal Man Skank which sampled Lil Silva’s Seasons, Tribal Magz has continued to face all the tribulations thrown his way and has finally released the long awaited album which is now a mixtape titled ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’ showcasing all of his tracks thus far.

Including the Tribal Man Skank remix featuring Gracious K, a track only released via YouTube and the video shortly removed; many didn’t get a chance to hear it. At the time, released as a remix, it lacked creativity so it’s time had passed, but in hindsight the track could’ve been an entertaining if exclusively performed as a PA to bring the audience something new as Migraine Skank and Tribal Man Skank started to exhaust their time, becoming repetitive.

Feeling Funky produced by KG, was a track generally favoured when released, however it had it’s own experience of turmoil with release as the video has to be shot two times, the finishing product disappointing. ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’ includes both the original and remix feat Sway which was previously only available via Sway’s mixtape. Many ear drums haven’t been graced with this adaptation, even though it was openly appreciated by those who were lucky enough to be a recipient. Some even claimed it was better.

The mixtape overall boasts a number of other collaborations with Tribal Magz including Haynzy, Dymunds, Slix (Ruff Squad) and Lioness not to mention ‘Back 2 Funk’ which has Tribal Man, Flirta D, KIG, Gracious K, Dotstar and Funky Dee all on one track! Does Tribal Magz wish to share his spotlight or is he bewildered about having to stand in it alone? Either way the young man who has always marketed himself as an artist has continued to push through declined clearance, delayed videos and many management changes to produce more than has been achieved by a number of his peers.

Click Here to get your hands on a copy of ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’


KIG In Your Face

Not sure what I make of this…. Is definitely better than some of the previous helpings coming out of the camp.

What do you think?

Track is also available for free download via the soundcloud page

UK Funky Mic Tribute

Wasn’t too sure what to think when I heard this track for the first time. Riskgo is an MC that is respected amongst his peers so I couldn’t really understand the need for him to lay down this track. Although I can see how he felt he was pushing the scene forward by collaborating everybodies lyrics together.

The one thing that it did bring to light to me however……

“How many bleeding MCs does this scene really need!!!??”

Not to mention that there are a few that got missed out even though there are 25 names!! I will not list those forgotten as wish to not offend anybody by missing them out AGAIN, but one of them hosts the radio show of the most recognised DJ in the scene, so I don’t know how he got forgotten…..

Anyway, if you’re feeling the track, Riskgo is also giving it as a free download which can be found here: Riskgo – Mic UK Funky Tribute

Could it be??

Is this the follow up from the KIG Family??

This track doesn’t feature any members from the Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes single mind…. You’ll have to keep waiting a little while for that!!

It’s ALOT!!!

If you haven’t heard already, the blog site has being through a period of transition to evolve!! Making affiliations elsewhere in the UK Funky Movement, they have combined as a finish product to bring you……


Its Alot Magazine is the hottest place to find out about all the latest events within the aspiring UK Funky Movement and much more! With coverage of raves, video shoots, music releases and reviews including all other general news, It’s Alot Magazine caters for all the needs required of members within the music scene in many different capacities.

Launching in the very near future, It’s Alot Magazine has released their podcast to provide an insight to what can be found in the magazine. Mixed by DJ Funk Butcher and including an audio interview from K.I.G Family discussing their thoughts on the scene and the dancing tracks that have been released following their single.



  1. Keeps Me Dancing – Blade Productions
  2. Hooked on You – V. Boiz ft Jaide Green
  3. Visions – Dubplate Malice
  4. You Got Me – S.Chu feat Xara
  5. Rider (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Ill Blu
  6. Call Me – Fuzzy Logik feat L.A. Cartier
  7. I Pray (It’s Alot Magazine Special Dubplate) – N10 Tainment feat Ruth
  8. Migraine Skank (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Gracious K
  9. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Doneao Remix includes Audio Interview) – K.I.G. Family feat Donaeo
  10. Roll Dark – Calibre Productions
  11. In The Morning (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Fuzzy Logik feat Egypt
  12. Mr Seduction (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Seany B feat Lil’ London
  13. Party Hard (Remix) – Donaeo
  14. Sparta – Attacca Pesante
  15. Frontline (Funk Butcher Special Dubplate) – Ill Blu feat Nyah
  16. Promise (Roska Remix) – Darkus Beat Project
  17. Get Out – Donaeo feat Sabrina Washington


The OFFICIAL Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez video is HERE!!!

For those that know me, look out for my lil man!!

More Behind The Scenes Footage……

This video has just been released of more Behind the Scenes footage of the Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez video shoot. Hosted by Eddie Kadi. Take a look……

You have to love Mr Kadi!!

Eddie Kadi is also going to be at The Sunday Show this weekend alongside the likes of Jamie Howard and Dele (for those that know). He also has a show at the Indigo 02 on the 21st February 2009.