21 Dares: Tribal Magz ft Gracious K & Ramzee

If you downloaded the Tribal Magz mixtape you would have already heard the original of 21 Dares, however it has been on the grapevyne for a short while that there was a recomposition taking place to include Gracious K and the man of the moment on the scene, Ramzee the host amongst the Stormparties collective.

If you’re a DJ who has been playing the original 21 Dares, throw your last copy out the window and get in touch with the guys for a new copy. This new version has so much more to offer than the previous. However my constructive criticism would be that some of the lyrics could’ve been more creative ie we don’t need to still be hearing about how big ‘Migraine Skank’ was anymore….. It is 2011 now, let’s get with the times!

Anyways, check it out….

Produced by Verses

Tribal Magz Still Doing It Tribal

Entering on to the UK Funky scene in early 2009 with Tribal Man Skank which sampled Lil Silva’s Seasons, Tribal Magz has continued to face all the tribulations thrown his way and has finally released the long awaited album which is now a mixtape titled ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’ showcasing all of his tracks thus far.

Including the Tribal Man Skank remix featuring Gracious K, a track only released via YouTube and the video shortly removed; many didn’t get a chance to hear it. At the time, released as a remix, it lacked creativity so it’s time had passed, but in hindsight the track could’ve been an entertaining if exclusively performed as a PA to bring the audience something new as Migraine Skank and Tribal Man Skank started to exhaust their time, becoming repetitive.

Feeling Funky produced by KG, was a track generally favoured when released, however it had it’s own experience of turmoil with release as the video has to be shot two times, the finishing product disappointing. ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’ includes both the original and remix feat Sway which was previously only available via Sway’s mixtape. Many ear drums haven’t been graced with this adaptation, even though it was openly appreciated by those who were lucky enough to be a recipient. Some even claimed it was better.

The mixtape overall boasts a number of other collaborations with Tribal Magz including Haynzy, Dymunds, Slix (Ruff Squad) and Lioness not to mention ‘Back 2 Funk’ which has Tribal Man, Flirta D, KIG, Gracious K, Dotstar and Funky Dee all on one track! Does Tribal Magz wish to share his spotlight or is he bewildered about having to stand in it alone? Either way the young man who has always marketed himself as an artist has continued to push through declined clearance, delayed videos and many management changes to produce more than has been achieved by a number of his peers.

Click Here to get your hands on a copy of ‘So We’re Doing It Tribal’

UK Funky Mic Tribute

Wasn’t too sure what to think when I heard this track for the first time. Riskgo is an MC that is respected amongst his peers so I couldn’t really understand the need for him to lay down this track. Although I can see how he felt he was pushing the scene forward by collaborating everybodies lyrics together.

The one thing that it did bring to light to me however……

“How many bleeding MCs does this scene really need!!!??”

Not to mention that there are a few that got missed out even though there are 25 names!! I will not list those forgotten as wish to not offend anybody by missing them out AGAIN, but one of them hosts the radio show of the most recognised DJ in the scene, so I don’t know how he got forgotten…..

Anyway, if you’re feeling the track, Riskgo is also giving it as a free download which can be found here: Riskgo – Mic UK Funky Tribute

UK Funky Top 10 of 2009

10. Sexy, Sexy – Natalie May

The gentle promotion of this track kept it’s appeal alive for a period of time meaning it remained appreciated. Yet to be released on 1st February 2010

9. Jump In The Middle & Skank – Zest

It’s the Big Man Zest repping his Play Entertainment team causing a storm all year through. Aiming at the younger generations, this one came and done exactly what it was of purpose.

8. Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes – K.I.G. Family

Being the only track to have achieved a Top 20 position, the K.I.G Family are still the only members able to boast chart success. Unfortunately the following helpings are still yet to create the same buzz.

7. Go – Meleka

Re-released October 2009 this track continues to receive major support from specialist radio stations. The video also caused shock waves of its own kind upon release.

6. Stick Up – Dotstar

The specials of this track caused every DJ to want one! Simple yet effective lyrics, added with a spice of auto-tune whilst coated with and extra flashy video. It was hard not to take notice. I guess it was a stick up!

5. In The Morning – Egypt

Bringing a fresh soulful vibe, this is another track that has been widely appreciated. In some cases even converting opposed members into the UK Funky sound. Unfortunately, this is another track that suffered casualty upon release.

4. Frontline – Princess Nyah

Nyah has undoubtedly put herself on the frontline of the UK Funky scene with this track. Taking it internationally as well as nationwide, there’s almost temptation to use the pun again.

3. Oi You! Are You Gonna Bang? – Funky D

This track became an anthem in all the clubs and also tore down Napa regardless of the exceptional lack of etiquette within the lyrics. It was also the only MC track that spurred a female to pick up a microphone and create a parody.

2. Party Hard – Donaeo

An anthem that swept across the scene led by the highly respected Donaeo. I can see this one being played a fair bit in future years, while also creeping up in a few tv/film club and party scenes.

1. Migraine Skank – Gracious K

The power held within this track cannot be contested. Unfortunately it suffered major casualty in sales to reflect this, something heavily blamed on the delay with release but nevertheless Gracious K’s Migraine Skank caused a frenzy amongst both adults and children far beyond could’ve been predicted.

Was UK Funky LIVE??

There were various reports flying around of the happenings on the night…. Unfortunately I wasn’t there, but with modern day technology, information can be passed so easily, it’s not too much of a task to know what’s up……

The turn out wasn’t too bad and more than many had expected……


The age range was more on the lower end of the scale however, but with music that’s never a bad thing…. Influencing the youth of today and being able to put on a performance they’re happy with is something that is and was very hard to find in previous homegrown genres i.e. Grime

Play Entertainment are rumoured to have put on a good show as did many of the other acts that were on the bill namely Gracious K, Shea Soul, Egypt and Donaeo, proving that there is an abundance of talent within the UK Funky scene at the moment that are making a major impact for the UK within the music business.

Other than the performances from 26 acts, there was also an award ceremony…………

The Awards collected on the night were as follows:

Best Male – Donaeo
Best Female – Egypt
Best Producer – Ill Blu
Best Song – Migraine Skank (Gracious K)
Best Video – Tribal Skank (Fr3e)

There is talk that Quincy won ‘Best Funky DJ’ – I refuse to take this seriously, it must be a misunderstanding?? Surely they just thanked him for his participation and hard work in providing music for the night…….. That’s correct right??

For a FULL and in-depth review >>click here<<

The One Liner Genre?

During the rise of the UK Funky scene the number of Hosts/MCs were rather sporadic. All had gained their veterinary within a previous underground music scene and the aspiring Hosts/MCs were reporting to find it hard to gain platform to showcase their talents. With the veterinary wanting to pioneer the new club scene alone, this resulted in a lack of guidance for newcomers. Feeling pressured to not apply too many bars over the music, as to not make it sound too much like Grime or even Garage, the only clear instruction given to those with ambition to be the man with the microphone in hand, was to keep the bars simple. A hook that is gentle within it’s flow. This changed however as soon as the ‘Nursery Grime’ phase arose.

Within the release of these ‘Nursery Grimes’ it became standard practice for an aspiring Host/MC or artist to find a Funky instrumental and make a track in the way that is heavily witnessed within the Bashment genre. This lead to an influx of new ‘artists’ on the scene and an evolution within the UK Funky sound. Which also left the scene facing a divide.

On the plus side, this change has not only aided in success of limelight, with interest shown from major labels and also media, but this also brang with it a large influx from other UK genres from artists who recognised the opportunity as a genre that could bring them their much desired and previously thwarted success. The result has been many chanced one-liners chanted over and already known Funky production with the most identified being repeated in general conversation amongst followers and non-followers having become the current representation of music.

The composers of the one-liners are receiving the most media and record label attention, leaving the original Funky styled productions at the waste side. A track like “Oi You! Are you gonna bang!?” is jumped on by a major record label A&R with Apple (the producer of Chantes, the track underneath) not even recognised for his talents. Chants like “Show me how you get down!” repeated by the youths who become all to familiar who Gracious K is, but are more than bewildered at the mention of DJ Gregory or Hardhouse Banton. Maxwell D has managed to continue his musical surf across the UK homegrown genres, making a ground breaking effect within his BlackBerry Hype anthem, even to the extreme of stocking a beverage sharing the same name. But the rise of Lil’ Silva has remained a pledge of his own, even with many of these one-lined tracks being applied over many of his productions!!

This is a major turn of events since the Funky scene first arose, when the common complaint was that there were too many instrumentals. Since, there have been many ‘soulful’ styled productions but only a fair few receive any recognition. Minus Egypt’s In The Morning produced by Fuzzy Logik, the same attention from major record label A&Rs has been failed to be achieved. Attacca Pesante ft Shea Soul – Make It Funky For Me, Footsteps ft A.L. – Tell Me, MVP ft Louise Williams – Take Me Away, these are a handful of very well produced soulful Funky tracks that have been disregarded by majors and media, yet they hold a much larger diversity of appeal to the general music listener.

The Funky scene has become to signify a sub-genre where you can gain success from a simple one-liner that requires no level of wit or intelligence to compose. Yet gain the most exposure in commercial media via radio and TV. But how long will this mainstream media last? Can a genre survive on a plague of one-liners? Is Funky due to go down in history as the genre remembered for it’s punchlines? Will any of the one-line composers be able to adapt into what the Funky sound was originally about? Will they start working ‘with’ producers to compose their tracks? Will the more talented ‘artists’ within the genre start getting the same level of attention from media and major label A&Rs? Who knows?…..

If we reflect on the short-lived spotlight received by K.I.G. Family following the release of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, it has been proven that without a follow up that holds the same degree of impact, a one-liner has the same lifespan as a seasonal flower. However in saying this, follow up tracks are proving to be a major task within the artists of the scene at present. Donaeo is the only artist to have already released an album at the moment. We can only hope the majority of fellow artists can follow suit.

So we’ve witnessed a rise and takeover by MC/Skank tracks, I am intrigued as to what the next step in evolution holds for the Funky scene.

Take It Higher!! (Behind the scenes)

Collectively Da-Mju:zik and The Leak have compiled some footage behind the scenes of the track compiled by “Mr Bangers & Mash” DJ Hotsteppa (Choice FM) of which features a vast number of MCs and Hosts across the UK Funky Scene.

Check out these videos:

It’s The Leak with Riskgo & Gracious K

Da-Mju:zik with Trilla Jermaine Trilloski

Keep an eye out for the OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!!