FunkyStepz on MTV Wrap Up

This young production trio have spent many years mastering their individual crafts and are now finally reaching a point where they‘re able to reflect in hindsight, and see what recognition they have accomplished and plan for future steps to further their achievements. Funkystepz, also known as Maxsin (23), Stimpy (21) and Renay (19), came to know of each other through their own musical capacities and eventually joined together to become a reckoning force of producers/DJs within the UK funky circuit. Together, the trio have found a niche for themselves that has taken them on a journey that they’re happy to continue…

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UK Funky February Round Up 2010

February has been a positive month for UK Funky music wise. Donaeo celebrated 10 years in the music scene since the release of his Garage since Bounce. A track which still receives a loving reception in the clubs, displaying further why he is a leader within the UK Funky genre and letting his music show his experience. The North West Londoner still remains humble and focused on his mission which is something that many members of the scene would say have earned him their respect as well as admiration. UK Funky has treated Donaeo well and his next steps are eagerly anticipated. He doesn’t usually leave us hanging so keep those eyes peeled for his next move.

Many other members are also gaining recognition including Swindle, Digital Dubstar, Funky Stepz and Naughty Raver to name a few, who have been paving the way for the ‘new age’ producers on the circuit with the levels of ethic being displayed. Swindle has been tipped as one to look out for in future by DJ Mag, FunkyStepz are also getting lots of attention from mainstream radio stations as well as featuring on Cameo’s 1xtra show. Digital Dubstar and Naughty Raver have been bubbling on the circuit for a little while now, but I sense that one or both of them are also due to blow. Coming from the Jungle and Bassline scenes respectively, these are 2 producers who are offering their own personal edge within their productions. Keep an eye out for all of these.

Music videos are in heavy production with the most high profiled hosted by Angel Brothers (founded by Garage veteran PSG) for Hard House Banton ft. PSG, Tiger S & Shizzio – Put Your Hands Up, which attracted major media attention, as well as from members within the scene. The shoot was sponsored by club Amadeus in Rochester. Kent’s super nightclub and they performed live to over 2000 people during the shoot which included an afterparty with legendary DJ EZ. Expect a lot of coverage and cameos for that one

Talking about clubs, (this is where the negative points come in) there has been heartbreak felt across the club scene with closures and licence revocations happening in London. Events are being cancelled or moved at last minute and it’s causing a lot of pain and anguish for many promoters, ravers, DJ and other participants of the raving scene. Plastic People in Shoreditch which is home of the Rinse FWD event (poster which was also featured in Eastenders), is under serious threat of closure which would be a major shame as the club has no reports of violence or disorder around it. There is a Facebook Group set up in support and an online petition that everybody needs to get involved with to keep one of London’s most diverse underground music clubs trading.

Producer Footsteps has launched a campaign stating that 2010 is the year of the DJs & Producers and thus far it seems to be the case. But with his female partner in crime A.L. (you may remember them teaming up to make the track Tell Me) causing a storm of her own, it is far from evident whether this will be the case come December 2010.

We’ll see….

Stop Talking XYZ…..

I’m feeling the production on this one, it’s more than on point. FunkyStepz have been making some good quality productions which have been on a few official compilations from Ministry of Sound presents: The Sound of UK Funky to the forthcoming Rinse: 10 – Marcus Nasty compilation.

I felt a little let down on the lyrical content however. L.A. Cartier made herself known within the UK Funky scene with her previous track Call Me, produced by Fuzzy Logik and Riskgo is very known on the circuit. The talent within this three-way collaboration is more than evident, however the song-writing could’ve been nurtured a little bit more to give it that extra all round perfect delivery.

What do you think?