2011 UK Funky Going Forth

2010 was an odd year… UK funky progressed, got slated, got rated and also got frustrated. But why and how? More importantly how will it be overcome? What lessons can be learnt? What needs to be changed and what needs to stay the same? Having the title of the UK Funky blogger, I felt it only right to take a deeper look. Following analysis, here you’ll find the conclusion…

2011 UK Funky Going Forth….

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2010 Top 20 UK House & Funky Tracks


FREE Music: Burgaboy ft Donaeo – Where Da Mans Dem At?

New track from Burgaboy feat Donaeo which has just surfaced and I’m extremely loving it!!

“I don’t socialise often, I cried on my lonely….. Fashion I don’t follow, sometimes I wish my pride I would swallow” – Some great lyrics there!

Donaeo has been kind enough to release the track on FREE download so we can ALL have a copy…. Click here to get yours!!

Out My House

This one comes from Selah featuring Donaeo who also produced the track.

What Do You Think??

QoS meets Donaeo Prt 2…..

Many had got used to the short time periods between Donaeo’s singles, causing a constant look out for a new banger with every release. Then came release of the album and single both titled Party Hard. As Party Hard took the club scene by storm in many different ways, Donaeo kind of went quiet on the releases front but kept his name present via PAs and features with other musicians.

Then came word of a new single and video shoot As I entered the building, the dancefloor was being prepared and the dancers were all getting their make up applied. Shortly after they entered and took to the dancefloor following instructions of choreography from Lazara Storm who also featured as the main girl in Donaeo’s Devil In A Blue Dress video. These girls were going at it, over and over again, under the heat of the intense lighting.

A while later Donaeo appears taking his place on a carefully located white armchair, dressed very swaggerific as usual. The girls are still in shot and they’re going at it again, over and over…

At this point I decide to check out who else is in the building…

This shoot isn’t like the previous shoots, this shoot has various mediums of media floating around getting their own account of behind the scenes footage. Admittedly, today I’ve shown up to provide some support to Donaeo, Luke Van Boom, Reggie and all the other members of the MyIsh family, but after Donaeo greets me and thanks me for coming, we both agree that it’s time for the dictaphone to make an appearance and for me to do QoS meets Donaeo part 2.

To continue reading click here for Volume 8 of Da-Mjuzik Magazine

Da-Mju:zik Magazine Volume 8: June 2010

I’m Fly (Official Video)

This track mashing up the Funky scene in a way that hasn’t been seen since…… Ummmm…. Party Hard maybe??

Anyway, check out the official video (this is the TV edit so look out for the extended version) for I’m Fly and look out for Donaeo’s interview in the upcoming issue of Da-Mjuzik Magazine

Hustle Hard

Coming from Detox & Igniter – The duo discovered by the African Warrior Donaeo and signed to Zephron (Donaeo’s independent record label)

Donaeo believes these two hold his thirst for music and success. Donaeo has also stated that he would like for them to be given a chance and accepted without his influence taken in his mind.

So what do you think ??

So Fly-i-i….

He disappeared for a little while, leaving us to Party Hard while, wondering what he was getting up to.

But he’s BACK!!!

Donaeo is making it known, in case we forgot, that he is FLY!!

This one is making a serious impact and with the video already produced, there are huge things promised for the progress of this track. With it’s catchy element, it seems that even if you don’t like this track when you first hear it, you like it soon enough. Especially after you’ve caught yourself singing it a few times.

With summer approaching and all the fly gear about to come out…. I can’t even imagine how many people are gonna be patiently waiting, ready to act up, when this one comes on….. Carnival is gonna be a madness lol