FunkyStepz on MTV Wrap Up

This young production trio have spent many years mastering their individual crafts and are now finally reaching a point where they‘re able to reflect in hindsight, and see what recognition they have accomplished and plan for future steps to further their achievements. Funkystepz, also known as Maxsin (23), Stimpy (21) and Renay (19), came to know of each other through their own musical capacities and eventually joined together to become a reckoning force of producers/DJs within the UK funky circuit. Together, the trio have found a niche for themselves that has taken them on a journey that they’re happy to continue…

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MA1 in HD

He stormed on to the scene in it’s early days and made a major impact with ‘I’m Right Here‘ when he teamed up with Sophia, then he followed it up with ‘Give It Up‘ when he teamed up with Sim Simi….. DJ/Producer MA1 first featured when he gave us the details of his musical background and his thoughts on the future of the UK Funky scene (read here). Since he has produced heavily favoured instrumentals (Waterfalls, High Definition and Tribes of Africa), done more across seas bookings and teamed up with DJ Supa D for the release of the ‘I Love Funky‘ compilation released on the Rinse FM label. DJ/Producer MA1 is continuously earning and retaining his stripes on the scene.

Here’s the big man talking about what he has been up to himself, including what he thinks about the music scene at the moment and what he has planned for the future:

Who’s The Best DJ?

Is this serious? Are they playing? Serious point raised nevertheless…..

So the important question is this: Who do YOU think is the Best Funky DJ??

It’s Alot Magazine Launch Party

Friday evening saw the launch of It’s Alot Magazine. Teaming up with BM Soho to present a UK Funky Producer Showcase with the UK House & Funky scene being the magazine’s main focus.

DJ/Producer MA-1 started off as the shop started fill up, with a good turnout already evident within 15mins…..

Followed by a back 2 back from Sami Sanchez & D-Malice, interrupted midway for a Live Performance from Rebecca Knight performing her latest single Poison produced by D-Malice himself

The vibe within the shop was very pleasant with people also coming down trying to market their own productions, as well as a couple of barefaced brazen bedroom DJs trying to sell mix CDs of their own instead of supporting the cause. Never mind, it shows that they felt It’s Alot Magazine held a good following for them to network within and try to make a name for themselves.

I do have to wonder how many mix CDs they sold however, considering a number of CDs were being given away for free.

Anyway, the night was brought to a pleasant close with a magnificent closing performance from L. A. Cartier performing her single Call Me produced by the highly respected Fuzzy Logik.

Look out for the OFFICIAL video soon to be released…….

Keepin’ It Funky!!

As the funky scene has continued to evolve and start finding its feet within the industry, there have been many developments. A substantial amount of upcoming and also already established DJs are now naming the sub-genre as there speciality, as well as a new found growth in producers now making the music.

Funky Junkie fever has swept over the nation infecting the masses along the way, converting both listeners and music industry hopefuls from the already prominent genres previously named as favourites. The attraction is also being witnessed in the higher entities, where nationally recognised participants within the industry haven’t been able to resist the desire to dabble with the sound.

While funky has retained its diversity within the instrumental aspect, there has been another type of vocal addition that has always had its boundaries, aware that input was greater appreciated by connoisseurs in small doses. A respectable contribution, which in excess would surely turn a good apple rotten. A role that when undertaken, requires deliverance with diplomacy and instigation. This allows the DJ to control the music, and the Host to control the crowd.

With funky having various ancestors, the sound holds a collaboration of influences, with House, Garage and Grime having the most bearing. It is for this reason that while one track may reflect a softer soulful vibe, the next could be much darker and broken, one of the qualities of the sound that increases its appeal and marketability. However it is also this element of the sound that has proven to hold disadvantage where it has attracted a trend not welcomed by the true connoisseurs who feel that it has been misconceived and manipulated by the newcomers to the movement producing material such as this:

It has been felt that this new craze that has been said to have contaminated the funky sound is nothing more than what could’ve been expected, as there is such a lack of structure, a result of its diversity. While when delivered in originality it is widely appreciated, in imitation, it is scorned. The movement has been nurtured by its true loves to ensure its stance is moulded correctly so the foundations are laid with longstanding format.

The word has been spoken by many that have been large contributors to the growth of the movement that this new craze is in deep requirement of being purged from the scene. Although all participation has previously been welcomed, this new sound has been rejected as a strain of the funky generics and has been advised that the innovators of this heavily MC based and dance move sound, start a new movement of their own calling it something different.

Within this video interview (4.30 – 5.07 mins), Marcus Nasty who has been crowned the God-Father of the movement as a major benefactor, voices his feelings on this particular subject.

There is an evident thirst for this type of music, witnessed within the universities across the country, which indicates that there is an appeal. The question really is whether it’s possible for a sound that hasn’t yet found it’s own true form, is able to evolve far enough to provide birth of another new sound without them being combined as one?

What’s It Like To Be A DJ??

Many people think being a DJ is a glamorous lifestyle. With girls and music being the first connecting thoughts, it’s not surprising that it’s a commonly sought after profession.

Rinse FM’s DJ NG, the man behind the hit “Tell Me”, gives us a taster of what a day in the life of a leading DJ within the funky scene is like……

Seems like plenty of hard graft!!

Is it any wonder that with the requirement of so much energy required to sustain, there is a need to release while at home??

Check out NG’s fellow station DJ Skilliam having a funky monkey moment….. What I like most about this mix is that its performed with one CD deck and the other vinyl.

In a day of so many CDJ DJ’s who require the BPM to be matched etc etc automatically, I thought this was a respectable quality to hold on a resumé.

The full length Skilliam mix is available for download here!!

Who are KIG??

The UK Funky scene has been taken by an unexpected storm with the track Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes which is still at present continuing its wave. This was a track made in a short moment of creativity, and a video to accompany it made while enjoying a day around London including the West End and after a rave. Mostly complied from experiment, this producer was able to envisage its appeal due to their own attraction. After uploading the video to You Tube, the effect was anticipated, but still very underestimated.

You Tube Statistics

3rd December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

3rd December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

4th December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

4th December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

5th December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

5th December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

KIG are a collective of individuals from north east London that range from DJs/MCs/Producers, Promoters, Video Directors, Logo Designers. The Head, Shoulders…. track features 3 individuals:


Hitty: MC/Host, DJ Producer

Having first entered music becoming a DJ playing Bashment, Hip-Hop and Grime in 2001, Hitty first tried his hand at producing in 2004 making backing tracks in the Grime genre. Versatility gave him an ability to adapt his skills into Funky at the beginning of the year having been converted to the sound. Feeling that he had to play a part in the movement, he made a number of tracks within the genre finding it simple and fun to compose. Head Shoulders is the first track that has had vocals added as yet, but has advised us to look out for more work coming from him in the future.

Skitz: MC/Host, Promoter

Skitz started in music as MC part of a crew called FKV, after showcasing his lyrical talents for over 4 years, he started to be a host for many different raves around London and different pirate radio shows. This gave him connections in the correct places to start managing his own events in the capacity of raves, talent shows etc…. Ann Summers VS La Senza and Sexy Cinderella are part of his portfolio. The Head Shoulders Knees & Toes was originally Skitz’s bar when hosting in events.

Creeper: MC/Rapper

Creepa has been an MC for over 4 years. Having started rapping early 2008, he has featured on many of the rap beats produced by Hitty under the KIG/Mile Recordings name. His presence on the track was unintentional. Having been present in the studio at the time the track was made, happened to possess the correct vocal for a particular part which proved to be a fundamental part of the track.

This track first blew up in the universities around the capital and has in turn integrated itself into the mainstream. It has been play listed on 1xtra, with interest shown from the likes of Ras Kwame and a live interview with Choice FM’s Hotsteppa. KIG are also inundated with special dubplate requests and bookings up and down the country. T-Shirts are now on sale and the track hasn’t even been officially released as yet!! It surely has the potential to reach Number 1!!

At present there are no plans set in place, however this is something currently being worked on. There are also intentions for a video re-shoot. In the meantime KIG would like to thank everybody who has been supporting the track. Also listen out for Back To Me Feat Simone which is also produced by KIG/Mile Recordings.