There are so many songs that float around the scene and don’t actually get released. Unfortunately what usually happens is that by the time the release date comes, the track has been played out and nobody finds it appealing enough to buy anymore……

Well not with THIS one!!!

D-Malice has been very clever with this track. Vocalled by Rebecca Knight, it had received large amount of appeal nearly 2 years ago when it first got played on Cameo’s BBC 1xtra Funky Focus special, and although various remixes have been done, there has been a tight cap held resulting in a beautiful lack of the common problem; leakage.

He has been spot on when applying this poison!

Released on the world respected House label Defected on the 21st June 2010. You can pre-order your copy of Poison here!

This is my favourite, the Bopstar Vudoo remix:


It’s Alot Magazine Launch Party

Friday evening saw the launch of It’s Alot Magazine. Teaming up with BM Soho to present a UK Funky Producer Showcase with the UK House & Funky scene being the magazine’s main focus.

DJ/Producer MA-1 started off as the shop started fill up, with a good turnout already evident within 15mins…..

Followed by a back 2 back from Sami Sanchez & D-Malice, interrupted midway for a Live Performance from Rebecca Knight performing her latest single Poison produced by D-Malice himself

The vibe within the shop was very pleasant with people also coming down trying to market their own productions, as well as a couple of barefaced brazen bedroom DJs trying to sell mix CDs of their own instead of supporting the cause. Never mind, it shows that they felt It’s Alot Magazine held a good following for them to network within and try to make a name for themselves.

I do have to wonder how many mix CDs they sold however, considering a number of CDs were being given away for free.

Anyway, the night was brought to a pleasant close with a magnificent closing performance from L. A. Cartier performing her single Call Me produced by the highly respected Fuzzy Logik.

Look out for the OFFICIAL video soon to be released…….

D-Malice Producer Showcase

d-maliceI was a little bit late at picking this one up, you’ll have to pardon my lack in punctuality. Although, I believe it’s better to be late than never and in this case, never would’ve been very unfortunate. I thoroughly enjoyed D-Malice’s producer showcase on BBC 1xtra’s Footloose House 1 M1X show.

You can LISTEN or DOWNLOAD it by clicking on the applicable word.


D-Malice – Gabryelle Refix (DJ Footloose Dubplate)
DJ Tanaka – Erotic Illusions (D-Malice Remix)
D-Malice ft Rebecca Knight – Poison
D-Malice – Visions
D-Malice – Bad Habits
D-Malice – Flawless Remix
D-Malice – Let The Music Takeover
D-Malice ft Mr King – I Just Wanna Love You

DJ Cameo’s Focus is Funky….

CameoThis week Cameo was back giving the airwaves another helping of a Funky Showdown and this time around Cameo’s showcase was on a trendsetting level. Boasting exclusivity as well as major talent within the scene, there was ample amount of satisfaction for an event. Those that managed to catch the show could only have been appreciative of the quality of the show.

With guests Paleface, Kyla, Seany B, Lil’ London, D-Malice, D Read. E, Mystery, Accatta Pesante, MA-1 and Egypt, there were exclusives coming out of the kitchen everywhere! To add to this were live performances of great quality. Egypt the vocalist of Fuzzy Logik’s ‘In The Morning’, being my favourite. The track is causing a major storm at the moment!!

If you missed the show you can listen to it again here or download it here!!


Donaeo – Party Hard (Dub plate)
Most Wanted, Coldsteps & Kaos – Ayia Napa Anthem

Interview – Paleface & Kyla
LIVE PA – Paleface & Kyla – Daydream Live P.A

Paleface ft Alizae Levy & Maxwell D – One Night Stand

Interview – Seani B & Little London
LIVE PA – Seani B & Little London – Mr Seduction

Little London– Mr Seduction
D Malice – Gabryelle

Interview – D Malice

D Malice – Visions
D Malice Ft Rebecca Knight– Poison

Interview – D Read. D & Kai

D Read. D – Extra
D Read. D ft Kai – Confused

DJ Mystery Feat Natalie Kay – Speechless

Interview – DJ Mystery

DJ Mystery Feat Miss Bree – Worth Much More
Attacca Pesante – Sparta

Interview – Attacca Pesante & Shea Soul Live In The Studio
LIVE PA – Attacca Pesante Feat Shea Soul – Make It Funky For Me

MA-1 – Waterfalls

Interview – MA-1

MA-1 feat Sadie Ama – Those Were days

Interview – Egypt
Live PA – Fuzzi Logik ft Egypt – In the Morning

What’s In YOUR Handbag??

in-your-handbagThis catchy electro composition has been set to cause an explosion on the scene from the moment it first emerged and has already received heavy rotation on mainstream and pirate radio stations from the leading DJs of the scene.

Based on every man’s enquiring thoughts about what contents are within a woman’s handbag, it’s vocal content is simple yet effective. After underground success with his first 3 releases (Feeline, Climate Change & Elevated Levels EP) Roska has also shown more pioneering spirit as he is the first with an animated music video, also focusing on the concept of the song rather that the common rave scene environment that has become expected.

Roska also has a number of upcoming projects including collaborations with Fingaprint, D-Malice, DVA, Ill Blu and more.

For more information, check out his MySpace

Malice is having Visions!!

d-malice-studioDubplate Malice, the Bedfordshire based young producer, made us all take notice when he released the Gabryelle Refix EP in the summer of 2008. He’s now back again with some more material to fill the dancefloor with more of the higher quality House that many funky heads are also known to love.

The Visions EP boasts 4 tracks in total including Roska’s complementary Visions VIP. To those that know about Roska ability to break up a track and glue it back together with a whole new skanking perspective, you’ll more than appreciate this rendition. Not to take anything away from D-Malice’s original, which has already gained an underground status of being a classic, simply due to its bubbly appeal. The additional tracks Malice has generously added on the Visions EP, Keep On and Bad Habits have both got an appeal of their own, however Bad Habits has to be my favourite track on the EP. The bassline grabs me everytime I hear it. This is definitely one I continuously look forward to hearing in a club while intoxicated and away with the vibe.

The EP is due to be released on the 9th February 2009 and will be available in ALL good records stores. MP3 release is postponed for the foreseeable future. DJs do not despair if you’re not the type that purchases vinyl, D-Malice will be happy to issue you a special in MP3 format, which can be requested from him directly via his MySpace or Facebook account.

t-shirtsThe Visions EP, D-Malice and Diamond In Da Ruff Limited are marketing on another level all around the globe as Diamond In Da Ruff are recruiting for the launch of a Street Team. All members are being issued with a promotional Visions snippet which can be used as a ringtone upon signing up, as well as being able to purchase OFFICIAL Diamond In Da Ruff personalised merchandise which is at present only available to the current members of the Diamond In Da Ruff Limited team. It has been tipped that there are other incentives available to the members of the street team which will also be enhanced as time goes along. If you’d like to find out for yourself and become a member, send a contact name and email address for info to be sent to the specially designated Facebook profile for the Diamond In Da Ruff Limited Street Team.

Dubplate Malice can also be found showing off his talents as a DJ on Perception 102.4 FM 2-4 PM on Saturdays and Phatbeats.net 7-9pm on Sundays in the dance studio.

hooked-on-house-topsAlso look out for Diamond In Da Ruff Limited’s event Hooked on House taking place at Isola Bar, 33 Bridge Street, Northampton NN1 1NS on 6th February 2009
Full details of the event can be found HERE!!

My Top 10 House/Funky Mix CDs of 2008

With my ‘Mix CD of the Month’ feature in mind, I felt it was only logical when DJ Sef suggested I put up my favourites for the whole of 2008 following his. I wasn’t sure if I had enough favourites when he first suggested it, but it came to light that I had favourite CDs in abundance. In a matter of fact I’ve had a few CDs on heavy rotation this year…

Couple had drifted over from 2007, and to be honest, there is a particular Pioneer CD that I really wish I could include. The CD lived in my bedroom stereo for nearly 4 months!! Fearing I wouldn’t get it back, I had to compromise and put it on a USB stick which I would borrow out instead…… If you know about the Paradise meets Persuasion CD for Pioneers B’day Bash in 2007, then you will know what I’m talking about. The CD in its prime proved to be heavy conversion material.

Moving on swiftly to which CDs have been my favourites in 2008, I would like to make it clear that I have NOT got EVERY CD that was released, SO there may be some that I would’ve preferred out there and if your CD isn’t mentioned, there is NO implication behind it.

DJs are listed in alphabetical order

1. Carlos Aries – I Wanna Funk You – Summer 08
2. D-Malice – Diamond In Da Ruff Vol. 1
3. D- Pressure – Summer Soulbox 08
4. Deja Vu – Are You Funkin Serious Vol. 1
5. Funk Butcher – Soul Fool
6. Geeneus – Yellow 20th March 2008
7. Gumbo & Coldsteps – I Will Be There meets Man of the House
8. Scholar T – Funky Junkie 20th June 2008
9. Teaser – House Journal
10. Twista – Dubplate Specials

There were many other CDs that didn’t make the list that were still heavy rotators. So I’d like to BIG up all the DJs out there doing their thing and never forget all the producers providing us with that selection that makes our bodies move. Without them, there would be no music. It’s all about spreading love within the movement and taking it much further forward than 2009!!

Peace, love, health and prosperity…..

QoS xXx