UK Funky March Round Up 2010

March has seen some varied events take place within the UK Funky scene. Crazy Cousinz have returned with another high quality produced video for their track ‘Searching for You‘, showing that they’ve all but gone quiet on the production side.

BBC 1Xtra has opened it’s doors to welcome not only one, but two of the scene’s DJ/Producers. Both Swindle and Illmana are due to start their shows in May, so ensure to keep an eye open for further information regarding this in the near future.

Swindle has been hitting with major impact. His release ‘Who Said Funk‘ caused major damage but being discontent, he will be giving us another helping with a further release scheduled for late April. MA1 has finally released ‘High Definition‘ to the pleasure of all the DJs that having been waiting in awe since it made an appearance a couple months back which can be found on iTunes. Another long awaited release is Roska’s self-titled album which will be released on the Rinse Recordings label on April 5th available via iTunes and all good music stores. Roska will also be travelling the US spreading the sounds of Kicks & Snares during April; the man is on a worldwide domination mission! Last but not least, Naughty Raver is teaming up with Rachel Ryan to release ‘Tease Me‘ via UKFunky.Com‘s MP3 store on 5th April, so be sure to cop that and all of the aforementioned and show your support for the UK Funky movement.

But with releases in mind, the Funky scene has been dealt a major blow alongside all the other underground genres, with the closure of one of the main record stores. Rhythm Division based in Bow, East London closed it’s doors on March 27th to the despair of many members within the music scene. Although the shop will still be trading via their online store, the closure has reignited the concerns of the lack of availability for music produced within the scene. MP3 stores like UKFunky.Com and Dubplate.Net dedicated to the scene provide a platform for producers and artists to sell new music, but many don’t utilise it. In effect, this restricts the catalogue, making it hard for upcoming DJs (who don’t get tracks directly from producers) and music lovers to purchase the music they hear on radio or in clubs, being played by their favourite DJs….

Expect more on the subject in the near future. It’s the current HOT topic!!


And Now It’s Over Boy!!

We’ve seen many videos coming out of the Funky Movement boasting great quality. Donaeo set the trend with his ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’ video along the way we say Attacca Pesante’s ‘Make It Funky For Me’ also receive an astounding amount of appreciation. More recently, Dotstar made a magnificent impact with his flashy ‘Stick Up’ video, but Meleka has topped all previous efforts with an outstanding video for the Crazy Cousinz Remix of her single ‘Go’.

The video not only has visual quality, the storyline is gripping throughout with an ending creating serious effect. The editing is immaculate, I could bearly hold in my laugh at the expression of Meleka’s face at 4.30mins, as if to add impact to the scene exposed to the viewer beforehand. Depicting an attitude of a ruthless “And What?”, discarding Meleka’s already innocent persona somewhat more.

I think this video deserves full marks…..

Behind ‘It’s That Funky!’ Scenes

We’ll all seen the sneak preview of what the Crazy Cousinz camp have been hiding under their hats, now you can get a taste of the atmosphere within the environment on the day the promo video was shot as well as a more in-depth introduction to the entire Crazy Cousinz team.

With all the rumours that float around about the Crazy Cousinz camp disputes, it’s a pleasure to see the full camp having fun and showing unity full of smiles.

It’s That Funky!!

Do YOU know the hooks?

Everybody loves some simple hooks while vybzin to some Funky beats….. Mr. Play has done it yet again bringing together everything you’d be most likely to hear on the dancefloor at this present moment.

If you’ve found yourself falling short of recent, here is a good place to start to get up to date…..

Check it out!!

UK Funky Dances in Bashment Jamaica

There has been much talk recently about this subject. With Adonia dropping vocals on Crazy Cousinz’s Inflation and Donaeo teaming up with Rubi Dan, Capleton & Vybez Cartel for the Party Hard remix, it has become more than evident that there has been a strong cross over the Atlantic.

I would love to see what’s happening in the clubs of on the Island of Sun right now!!

Remember, Remember, The 3rd of November!!

What an eventful time it is on the scene this 3rd November!! There are releases being unleashed everywhere!!

As we know Monday is a favoured part of the week for funky heads already with ‘More Music Monday’ at MP3 store. This week the following tracks will be added:

• Roska – Before Elevated Levels EP
• Funky Boy – Funky Boy
• Funky Boy ft Kimona – Change
• Seany B ft Monique Paris – Make Your Move

We’ve been blessed with another extra special treat this Monday as we can also purchase the much talked about “In The Club Vol. 1” DVD that we’ve all been waiting for….. Being the 1st 100% UK Funky DVD, this will provide the biggest insight into the movement within the UK. Showcasing DJ sets, interviews and many more promised features, this DVD is looking to be HOT property!!

UKFunky.Com present In The Club Vol 1

UKFunky.Com present In The Club Vol 1

This DVD is EXCLUSIVE to UKFunky.Com and comes with guaranteed delivery (UK Only)

The man behind the UK Funky classic “I’m Right Here” is also gracing us with another soulful hit this Monday. MA-1 has teamed up with Sim Simi to bring us “Give It Up”. This track has been floating around for a while and was also given an exclusive promo release last week’s ‘More Music Monday’. Now the remixes will also be available too!! Ensure you get yourself a copy of this, if you haven’t already. There’s enough reputation for this one to become another classic.

Meleka has an official release of her debut single Go with full remixes from Crazy Cousinz, Diamond, Sid Mercutio, Booda Bassline and Doug McCourt. The Crazy Cousinz remix has been has been blowing up the clubs and is now available for us all to purchase for our own listening pleasure.

One of the scenes undercover producers Ghostman, has turned his MySpace into an MP3 store having released his full back catalogue within his blogs section. This producer has been track listed on various mainstream radio stations, such as BBC1 Xtra, Radio 1 and Kiss FM as well as worldwide in countries such as US, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Japan. Take a look and see if you find anything you fancy!!

You can find his MySpace here…..

Uptown Records have also added some more anthems to their catalogue this week for Pre-Order. Frontline the club anthem that has been tearing down the club scene since early summer is going to finally be available for purchase on vinyl as will Seasons and Funky Flex from Lil Silva. Also HOT off the repress is Fuzzy Logik’s Banger’s and Mash. This EP SOLD OUT first time around and MP3 release is not currently scheduled. To purchase now may be your final chance??

New Music Uptown!!!

It’s an eventful time for releases this week with Uptown Records now stocking the following for your vinyl collection:

*D-Malice – The Refix EP
*Roska – Elevated Levels EP
*Perempay – Buss It
*Crazy Cousins – Bongo Jam EP

Yes that’s correct!!….. All 4 are available NOW on vinyl @ Uptown Records!!!

Be sure to purchase your copies!!!

****Click Here for Uptown Records Store****