Remember, Remember, The 3rd of November!!

What an eventful time it is on the scene this 3rd November!! There are releases being unleashed everywhere!!

As we know Monday is a favoured part of the week for funky heads already with ‘More Music Monday’ at MP3 store. This week the following tracks will be added:

• Roska – Before Elevated Levels EP
• Funky Boy – Funky Boy
• Funky Boy ft Kimona – Change
• Seany B ft Monique Paris – Make Your Move

We’ve been blessed with another extra special treat this Monday as we can also purchase the much talked about “In The Club Vol. 1” DVD that we’ve all been waiting for….. Being the 1st 100% UK Funky DVD, this will provide the biggest insight into the movement within the UK. Showcasing DJ sets, interviews and many more promised features, this DVD is looking to be HOT property!!

UKFunky.Com present In The Club Vol 1

UKFunky.Com present In The Club Vol 1

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The man behind the UK Funky classic “I’m Right Here” is also gracing us with another soulful hit this Monday. MA-1 has teamed up with Sim Simi to bring us “Give It Up”. This track has been floating around for a while and was also given an exclusive promo release last week’s ‘More Music Monday’. Now the remixes will also be available too!! Ensure you get yourself a copy of this, if you haven’t already. There’s enough reputation for this one to become another classic.

Meleka has an official release of her debut single Go with full remixes from Crazy Cousinz, Diamond, Sid Mercutio, Booda Bassline and Doug McCourt. The Crazy Cousinz remix has been has been blowing up the clubs and is now available for us all to purchase for our own listening pleasure.

One of the scenes undercover producers Ghostman, has turned his MySpace into an MP3 store having released his full back catalogue within his blogs section. This producer has been track listed on various mainstream radio stations, such as BBC1 Xtra, Radio 1 and Kiss FM as well as worldwide in countries such as US, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Japan. Take a look and see if you find anything you fancy!!

You can find his MySpace here…..

Uptown Records have also added some more anthems to their catalogue this week for Pre-Order. Frontline the club anthem that has been tearing down the club scene since early summer is going to finally be available for purchase on vinyl as will Seasons and Funky Flex from Lil Silva. Also HOT off the repress is Fuzzy Logik’s Banger’s and Mash. This EP SOLD OUT first time around and MP3 release is not currently scheduled. To purchase now may be your final chance??


Vocalist Meleka has a chat with QoS



With the response that I’ve seen, demonstrated with 100 views within a week on YouTube, of the video showing Meleka’s live performance of the Crazi Cousinz remix of her upcoming single “Go”, I thought I’d catch up with the young vocalist to introduce the person behind the voice.

Check it out…..

QOS: I’m speaking to Meleka, 21 year old Singer/Songwriter from North West London. You’ve been said to be the next best thing out of the UK.

QOS: Tell me a little bit about your background……
I’ve been singing since I was 6. I won my first talent contest since I was 6. It’s been a bit of a long way….. In the past I’ve worked with Pheobe One from Choice FM. I’ve known her for a while. She’s written a few tracks for me in the past. I’ve worked with a few different people on recordings, but I hadn’t really got my foot in the door until HUGO Urban Rules competition, even though I have been singing for a long time.

QOS: What have been the benefits of winning that competition?
My single “Go” is going to be put out on Propaganda Records and also they market me as an artist. Get more people to know about me, especially people in the industry. What I’m doing, where I’m from, hear more of my music and just to really help me progress as an artist.

QOS: When are they going to be releasing your single??
It’s being released 3rd November and will be available on iTunes, it’ll also be available in other places, but I’m not 100% sure as yet.

QOS: Are the remixes going to be available?
There’s remixes that have been done by a few people. Crazi Cousinz, Diamond, Sid Mercutio, Doug McCourt and Booda Bassline. They will all be available on the single.

QOS: That is a lot of interest paid from within the industry and it also opens up your appeal across genres. Which brings me onto my next question, as to what type of music you listen to and where do you find your influences?
I like to listen to everything and give everything a chance. My personal CD collection is probably mostly R&B and Soul. I’m heavily into my 90’s Soul, like Joe, SWV, Lauryn Hill, so it’s very much those kinds of things, but recently I’ve had Nickleback’s new album playing in my car, I’ve got Lily Allen, I recently ordered Madonna’s album. So I’m trying to listen to all different kinds of music with all different kinds of sounds, and then I incorporate that into my own music. My dad was into a lot of Motown, Soul and Reggae, but my mum was more into Hip-Hop and Jazz, so I think that has had a lot to do with the sound I originally created. But my songs now come from my everyday life and what I experienced in school, as a teenager, university, the everyday struggles that I see friends and family going through, that’s where I tend to draw my current inspirations from. Obviously music too, but everyday real life is a big contributor.

QOS: I totally get what you mean……. You’re here now, after winning a talent competition when you were 6. Is that something you took part in frequently?
Yeah! I was doing talent competitions all the time. There were only 2 competitions that I didn’t win…..

QOS: Really? So would you call yourself a natural performer?
Well I love singing, and being on stage dancing around, I went to Sylvia Young, I used to do tap, ballet and Jazz so I’ve always been performing. So yes, I suppose it would be fair to say that…..

QOS: With winning all these competitions, did you feel that you was destined to win the HUGO Urban Rules?
Not at all. I look at life that nothing is owed to you. But at the same time everything happens for a reason. With the HUGO thing, when I had the link send over to me, I posted my demo CD to them not even realising that the last date for entry had already gone. But I never thought nothing of it and just let it pass. And then somebody called me to tell me that I was through to the final 15 and I was just shocked. But to make things worse, we missed our bus up there, and I was also really ill the evening before the final, so you know what I mean. Everything happens for a reason, but I wouldn’t say that my talents alone is what made me win. I think the fact that the judges could see how ill I was, I was there to win. I had a mentality that I had been through so much to get there, I had determination to a point where I just had to win it to make it all worth it.

QOS: What do you like most about performing?
I like live bands, they’re lots of fun. The interaction is great, the way they change up the songs slightly and make them their own so they stay an original creation of what you do. But at the same time, when you sing with a backing track, you know everything that’s gonna happen already, so it more about just doing your thing and you can be more confident about what you’re doing because you don’t need to concentrate on whether someone’s going to go off key or anything, so that very exciting for its own different reasons. There isn’t a preference though, I just like performing.

QOS: Have you got a favoured performance?
When I won the HUGO competition, that was my stand out performance. The crowd was the best I’ve ever performed for. They were so receptive and energetic, it was really wicked. Plus they knew I had worked for that performance so they were feeling my elation with me.

QOS: I’m hoping to see so much more of you around, but I was interested in what your highest aspirations were for you within your career?
I would have to say that for me it’s to win a Grammy. But I like to take things a day at a time, so for something more in line with where my career is right now, I would say that I would love to win a MOBO. That would be the pinnacle of my career for me right now, but hopefully I’d be able to do that an move on to the next step which could be something like winning a Brit or the Mercury Prize award. But I wouldn’t like to say that a winning a Grammy is the best thing that could happen to me, because it could never happen, but I could still be happy. So I’m just tryna set achievable goals as I go along and not try to run before I can walk. I would definitely like to go on a lot further than tomorrow, I mean I’d like to stay forever. But forever is a very long time, and right now I just have to keep working as hard as I can to get to the top. Whatever I do, I wanna be the best and I’m willing to put the work in, in order to be the best.

QOS: Is there anything else you want to share?
: Just that the HUGO Urban Rules competition was a really good experience for me and I’m extremely grateful and for all the help. Especially Estelle and Sabrina picking me to win first place, that meant a lot. Taking part in the competition also put me in contact with a lot of people who I’ve stayed in contact with. So I’m very appreciative of the whole experience.

Meleka’s single “Go” is release November 3rd. Support her and buy a copy….. No Bootlegging!!!

Also check out her MySpace…..