Big Man Zest – Who I Am

Having departed from the Play Entertainment camp with a couple of it’s other members to form as New Money, Big Man Zest has returned with a new track titled ‘Who I Am’. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what I make of this track. The video directed by Elmino shows it’s usual director’s magic and has some great cameos, namely UK Funky’s most recognised host Coldsteps, BBK’s DJ Maximum and Tim Westwood. The rollerskaters within show a great element of fun during the production which is always nice to see, but if anybody knows Funk Butcher’s dance moves, it has to be questioned whether some of them have been borrowed by the Big Man to display within this video…..

As far as the musical content goes, it has a great backing track produced by Beatnik which holds a great level of weight on it’s own. Vocally I found myself slightly jarred within the first 5 seconds….. this picks up 30 seconds in with some catchy lines but I can’t see it becoming as much of an anthem as was ‘Jump in the Middle & Skank‘.

I can see where Zest was coming from to spread awareness of his profile, however it has to be questioned whether anybody who has given this track any time of day would do the same if Zest wasn’t already known from his time within the Play Entertainment Camp.

All will be revealed when released on 31st January 2011