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Da-Mju:zik Gets Me Funky!

Da-Mju:zik Magazine is back with another issue and are repping HARD for the UK Funky Movement this month…… With an interview with S.E.F from Deep Teknologi from DJ Sef, a Behind the Scenes peek at the Angel Brothers video shoot for their upcoming single ‘Put Your Hands Up!’ by PSG, Tiger S & Shizzio produced by Front Cover star Hardhouse Banton, The OFFICAL UK HOUSE & FUNKY CHART provided from BM Soho (formerly Blackmarket Records) plus charts from Angie B, DJ Sef and Deep House, Beats & Dubbage reviews from Circle’s Tippa……. There is more than insight!!!

Check it out by clicking the image below…….

There is also a mix up to accompany the magazine this month from feature upcoming UK Funky DJ Tubz who has been causing a whirlwind of recent, which can be heard here:

UK Funky Top 10 of 2009

10. Sexy, Sexy – Natalie May

The gentle promotion of this track kept it’s appeal alive for a period of time meaning it remained appreciated. Yet to be released on 1st February 2010

9. Jump In The Middle & Skank – Zest

It’s the Big Man Zest repping his Play Entertainment team causing a storm all year through. Aiming at the younger generations, this one came and done exactly what it was of purpose.

8. Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes – K.I.G. Family

Being the only track to have achieved a Top 20 position, the K.I.G Family are still the only members able to boast chart success. Unfortunately the following helpings are still yet to create the same buzz.

7. Go – Meleka

Re-released October 2009 this track continues to receive major support from specialist radio stations. The video also caused shock waves of its own kind upon release.

6. Stick Up – Dotstar

The specials of this track caused every DJ to want one! Simple yet effective lyrics, added with a spice of auto-tune whilst coated with and extra flashy video. It was hard not to take notice. I guess it was a stick up!

5. In The Morning – Egypt

Bringing a fresh soulful vibe, this is another track that has been widely appreciated. In some cases even converting opposed members into the UK Funky sound. Unfortunately, this is another track that suffered casualty upon release.

4. Frontline – Princess Nyah

Nyah has undoubtedly put herself on the frontline of the UK Funky scene with this track. Taking it internationally as well as nationwide, there’s almost temptation to use the pun again.

3. Oi You! Are You Gonna Bang? – Funky D

This track became an anthem in all the clubs and also tore down Napa regardless of the exceptional lack of etiquette within the lyrics. It was also the only MC track that spurred a female to pick up a microphone and create a parody.

2. Party Hard – Donaeo

An anthem that swept across the scene led by the highly respected Donaeo. I can see this one being played a fair bit in future years, while also creeping up in a few tv/film club and party scenes.

1. Migraine Skank – Gracious K

The power held within this track cannot be contested. Unfortunately it suffered major casualty in sales to reflect this, something heavily blamed on the delay with release but nevertheless Gracious K’s Migraine Skank caused a frenzy amongst both adults and children far beyond could’ve been predicted.

It’s Alot Magazine Volume 4!!

Volume 4Includes:

*The Sound Of UK Funky – Interviews with Supa D, Pioneer & Footloose
*All In A Nights Work with Scratcha DVA
*Tribal Magz is Feeling Funky
*Ms Darks
*Interview with MC Versatile
*Drugs in the Clubs – MDMA/MDizzle and much more……

Click image or here to read!!

It’s Alot Magazine – Volume 003

May front coverThe 3rd Issue of It’s Alot Magazine is available on the screen you’re looking at right now!!??

Volume 003 – May 2009 consists of:

*Interviews with Angie B, Twista DJ and others
*Track Reviews (Roska Special)
*Funky Meets Bashment
*Tippa’s Top Ten
*Event Reviews and much more!!
*Roska Special Podcast mixed by Roska (with MANY EXCLUSIVES!!)

Take A Peek!! You know you wanna…….

My Top 10 House/Funky Mix CDs of 2008

With my ‘Mix CD of the Month’ feature in mind, I felt it was only logical when DJ Sef suggested I put up my favourites for the whole of 2008 following his. I wasn’t sure if I had enough favourites when he first suggested it, but it came to light that I had favourite CDs in abundance. In a matter of fact I’ve had a few CDs on heavy rotation this year…

Couple had drifted over from 2007, and to be honest, there is a particular Pioneer CD that I really wish I could include. The CD lived in my bedroom stereo for nearly 4 months!! Fearing I wouldn’t get it back, I had to compromise and put it on a USB stick which I would borrow out instead…… If you know about the Paradise meets Persuasion CD for Pioneers B’day Bash in 2007, then you will know what I’m talking about. The CD in its prime proved to be heavy conversion material.

Moving on swiftly to which CDs have been my favourites in 2008, I would like to make it clear that I have NOT got EVERY CD that was released, SO there may be some that I would’ve preferred out there and if your CD isn’t mentioned, there is NO implication behind it.

DJs are listed in alphabetical order

1. Carlos Aries – I Wanna Funk You – Summer 08
2. D-Malice – Diamond In Da Ruff Vol. 1
3. D- Pressure – Summer Soulbox 08
4. Deja Vu – Are You Funkin Serious Vol. 1
5. Funk Butcher – Soul Fool
6. Geeneus – Yellow 20th March 2008
7. Gumbo & Coldsteps – I Will Be There meets Man of the House
8. Scholar T – Funky Junkie 20th June 2008
9. Teaser – House Journal
10. Twista – Dubplate Specials

There were many other CDs that didn’t make the list that were still heavy rotators. So I’d like to BIG up all the DJs out there doing their thing and never forget all the producers providing us with that selection that makes our bodies move. Without them, there would be no music. It’s all about spreading love within the movement and taking it much further forward than 2009!!

Peace, love, health and prosperity…..

QoS xXx

DJ SEF…. TOP 25 TRACKS OF 2008!!!

DJ Sef posted this on his blog this morning and I felt such a strong agreement that I had to share it…….

This is a tough 1, so many tracks came out this year doing major stuff for myself and a whole host of people! UK Funky represents strong in the list but with the mastering and mixing down power of more established labels it was always gonna be tough to compete. So here we go!

Track – Artist – Label

1. Time To Let Go – Perempay N’ Dee ft Cleo Sol (Soulshine)
Great beat! Fantastic vocal! Warm, soft, classy all rolled into 1! My Tune of the year BUY HERE

2. Kissing Strangers (Feliciano Vocal Mix) – Ralf Gum ft. Monique Bingham (Gogo)
Beautiful vocals and a melody to match… a classic for years!

3. Sunday Showers – Kentphonik (Stalwart)
Wicked xylophone vibes on this South African hit

4. Chantes – Apple (White)
My pick of the UK Funky tracks, badboy vibes and only a handful of DJ’s have the proper version!

5. African Warrior – Doneao (Zephron)
He hit the nail on the head with this, got me rolling with my stick with this bassy banger

6. Quicktime – DJ Naughty (Spoilt Rotten)
Pure carnival vibes with this classic but DJ Pioneer has still got the best version (the 1st mix)

7. Sirens – HardHouse Banton (White)

8. Wizeman – Copyright ft. Imaani (Defected)
One of my favorites from the UK duo, big beat and lyrics to match!

9. In The Air – Perempay N’ Dee ft. Katie Pearl (Dirty Canvas)
I felt this in my soul and in the sky! Pure club pressure

10. As I – Geeneus ft. Katy B (Rinse)
Sexy vocal and a sexy beat… simple

11. About Love – Knee Deep (Knee Deep)
A track to start the summer with chilled vibes

12. 33rd St, Anthem – Karizma (Defected)
Tech, Broken-Beat, BASS!! Jeeez, this has it all… ENERGY!

13. Climate Change – Roska (White)
Cracker with makes you change your skank to a new climate!

14. Gabryelle Refix – D Malice (Diamond In Da Ruff)
What a refix… a classic refixed… oh did i mention… WHAT A REFIX!

15. How Do I Let Go – Dennis Ferrer ft. K.T. Brookes (King Street)
Really, you cant let go on the soulful vibes of this track.. classic

16. Coke Bouquet – Yotam Anvi (Iwanai)
Sleeper, only the brave pull out this smash.. love the rugged drums on this one!

17. Your Special (Doruk Ozlen Main Vocal) – Soul Creation ft. Stephanie Cooke (Foliage)
This mix has a perfect link up between melody and Cooke’s lyrics… BIG!

18. Mirror Dance – Afefe Iku (Yoruba)
Dance floor monster straight from the heart of Congo

19. Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Remix) – Paleface ft. Kyla (Ministry of Sound)
Ladies anthem… can’t knock this power track

20. Russelology (AphroDisiax Voodoo Dub) – Flowriders (NY Soul)
Massive work on the keys by London’s real up and coming stars, superb vibes… casting a spell on anybody who appreciates real tuneage.. you are VOODOO!!

21. Spells Of Yoruba – Gel Abril (Be As One Imprint)
Deep tech business happening, with afrikaaaaaaaaaa all the way! 419!

22. My Joy (Original) – Quentin Harris ft. Margaret Grace (Strictly Rhythm)
Finally it came out and what a track, house at it’s very best!! Production is beautiful and vocals layered on top with perfection

23. Black Man In Space (Sax Mix) – Son Of Raw (Objektivity)
A dark techy beat with a joyful jazzy sax floating on top of it is a born winner… set the tone for this year of house music when released in Jan

24. Nothin Better Then Your Lovin’ – T.J. Cases ft. Natalie Broomes (Hardsoul Pressings)
15 years on the 2step producer bangs out some real heat for the dance floor!!!! WOW!

25. Revenge (Scott Wozniak Club Mix) – Darryl D’Boneau (Jellybean Soul)
This guy… his signature vocals bless any and every remix out, big bass line and keys, this is my favourite of the lot this year

If you have a view about this chart, any songs you feel are missing or you have your own top tracks of 2008 chart… please feel free to comment on the original post which can be found here!!
REMEMBER: these are DJ’ Sef’s views…. Although I personally think there should be some Fuzzy Logik in there somewhere!! MERRY XMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!