Miss Me (Official Video)

The UK Funky songstress/diva has returned with her follow up video to her follow up single. One thing is puzzling me though….. If the video is a continuation, didn’t she kill her boyfriend at the end of the ‘Go’ video and get arrested?? If this is 6 months later, surely she’d be sitting within a cell…. No??

I’m quite confused…. Did he come back to life or something?? I feel like this is a film sequel that has gone horribly wrong! The previous video was amazing, the impact it left on me when I first watched it was compelling (read here). As a long-term lover of the UK Funky scene, I’m rather disappointed. I presumed Meleka would deliver us with another video that would be the talk of the town for the next 2 weeks…..

Anyways….. Check it out…..


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