Addictive Mixtape

You may be aware of the ladies from Addictive, and if you haven’t it’s time to find out what they’re all about!! Having already caused a prominent simmer within the Funky and Bassline home based genres, these ladies managed by 2NV have clearly gained the necessary contacts to have the correct foundations laid to enable themselves to blow! This mixtape titled ‘They Wonna Wife Me’ is an impressive showcase which shows just how diverse these Addictive ladies are….

Kicking off with a skit from UK Funky’s biggest and most popular DJ Marcus Nasty, the levels these girls have touched is already apparent. But let us not dwell on the small particulars, this is an Addictive showcase and it’s kicked off just right with a Domino Effect medley and the Crazy Cousinz remix will have you in a frenzy of the unknown! Followed up nicely with some of those hypnotic beats produced by Lil Silva, at which point Addictive show that they are here to cause ‘Drama’…… The vocals on this track aren’t the best effort I’ve heard from the ladies, they sound slightly out of range and I wondered upon listening if it would’ve sounded better an octave lower, but the ladies quickly redeem themselves with more sing-a-long vibes provided over beats produced by Champion and Marcus Nasty.

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  1. […] featured on the blog with their mixtape entitled ‘They Wonna Wife Me‘ the Addictive ladies are welcomed back with a video for a track that is on the mixtape […]

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