Dash Down?

I think it’s evidently known that if I said I was a huge supporter of this track I would be telling lies…..


This track seems to be taking over clubs both here and abroad, meaning that Mr M is making the same impact this summer that Funky Dee made last year. Luckily Mr M didn’t wait until next year to make a video though, so he may even make a bigger mark… Time will tell…

With the track having been already played on BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra, Kiss, Choice and the many pirate/internet stations, Undistputed and Mr M have caused a major storm.

I find the lyrical content quite alarming though, I mean, if I had a daughter I’d be worried about lack of self-respect when chanting out the words. Please pay attention to 1.48-2.02 mins where Mr M openly states that he puts it about daily in Napa. Comment? I hope he is a attentive believer of safe sex! I don’t think I’d encourage anybody to find out though…. Public Lice…… SNM!!

I am feeling the production though, hold tight Undisputed!!


One Response

  1. i cant believe undisputed went with this MC, he’s WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he looks weird! you’re right the production is so tight, would have been better instrumental WITHOUT dash down waste man!!

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