A GREAT House & Funky Mix CD!

So many have probably noticed that the Mix CD of the month page has been discontinued. Truth is that many of the CDs started to sound the same and I felt that a CD should hold a certain quality to really get a buzz….. So what makes a good mix CD?

Something that holds flavour mostly before it even gets played…. As in offers something different. DJ Sef has been very consistent to offer this with his Afro Power series, but when I got told about a certain mix CD that had been done, I wanted to hear it straight away!

Not only was this CD from Marcus Nasty, but also was graced by Dreem Team’s very own DJ Spoony and of course was hosted MC Rankin. Upon listening….. It was more than I bargained for!!!

This CD takes you on a journey…. A sensual, passionate one that in music tells you exactly what Summer is ALL about…. It is SERIOUSLY SEXY!!! The first time I heard it, I reloaded the whole CD 3 times and STILL put it on again later!!

Wanna hear it??

Marcus Nasty B2B Spoony hosted by MC Rankin


2 Responses

  1. Link takes you to Marcus Nasty & Spoony mix!?

  2. You obviously never read the post….

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