Versatile is THE MAN!!!

This one has been bubbling around for a while and although it’s rather catchy, I’m still not sure what I think about it. It’s not really like we needed for Versatile to remind us of his hooks as he’s rather established within the scene already, but I suppose that’s what makes him ‘the man’.

The video has been graced by none other than Griminal, but I would prefer a lyric that never said ‘me, me, all about me’ for a change as it’s been used in a few features now, but nevertheless I guess that’s his ‘thing’ and the young artist is never an unwanted piece of eye candy for the ladies so I guess it’s quickly forgotten.

One thing that really does bug me about this video though is the colourful collection of wooly hats…… Class, style and a large selection of knitted hats from John Lewis! It does make me have to wonder what Versatile was hiding underneath there!!!


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