UK Funky Top 10 of 2009

10. Sexy, Sexy – Natalie May

The gentle promotion of this track kept it’s appeal alive for a period of time meaning it remained appreciated. Yet to be released on 1st February 2010

9. Jump In The Middle & Skank – Zest

It’s the Big Man Zest repping his Play Entertainment team causing a storm all year through. Aiming at the younger generations, this one came and done exactly what it was of purpose.

8. Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes – K.I.G. Family

Being the only track to have achieved a Top 20 position, the K.I.G Family are still the only members able to boast chart success. Unfortunately the following helpings are still yet to create the same buzz.

7. Go – Meleka

Re-released October 2009 this track continues to receive major support from specialist radio stations. The video also caused shock waves of its own kind upon release.

6. Stick Up – Dotstar

The specials of this track caused every DJ to want one! Simple yet effective lyrics, added with a spice of auto-tune whilst coated with and extra flashy video. It was hard not to take notice. I guess it was a stick up!

5. In The Morning – Egypt

Bringing a fresh soulful vibe, this is another track that has been widely appreciated. In some cases even converting opposed members into the UK Funky sound. Unfortunately, this is another track that suffered casualty upon release.

4. Frontline – Princess Nyah

Nyah has undoubtedly put herself on the frontline of the UK Funky scene with this track. Taking it internationally as well as nationwide, there’s almost temptation to use the pun again.

3. Oi You! Are You Gonna Bang? – Funky D

This track became an anthem in all the clubs and also tore down Napa regardless of the exceptional lack of etiquette within the lyrics. It was also the only MC track that spurred a female to pick up a microphone and create a parody.

2. Party Hard – Donaeo

An anthem that swept across the scene led by the highly respected Donaeo. I can see this one being played a fair bit in future years, while also creeping up in a few tv/film club and party scenes.

1. Migraine Skank – Gracious K

The power held within this track cannot be contested. Unfortunately it suffered major casualty in sales to reflect this, something heavily blamed on the delay with release but nevertheless Gracious K’s Migraine Skank caused a frenzy amongst both adults and children far beyond could’ve been predicted.


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