Hey Hey Mash Down!!

The complexity within the differences between House & Funky are really causing confusion. A track sounds good, is getting large appeal and seems that it’s really taking over…. These tracks are more within the House category however and there are areas of the music that are infiltrating the Funky movement. The DJs that would regularly play music of a totally different genre are now also playing House within the Funky sound that can be heard being played within the clubs filled with connoisseurs listening to the House sound including music by producers from other parts of the world.

Signs of this was clearly evident within tracks such as Black Coffee’s Turn Me On, a track that is still making an impact. But now Dennis Ferrer’s latest track entitled ‘Hey Hey’ is proving to be doing much more. Only the true connoisseurs of the House sound will be trying to find themselves down at Matter this December to hear Dennis Ferrer playing LIVE as well others, but if any ‘Funky Junkies’ wanna have a what the connoisseurs refer to as a ‘Real House’ experience, do feel free to take yourselves on a Houseology journey…….


3 Responses

  1. Lovely Article! This song is really good! is he From America?

  2. Yeah he is….

  3. he appears on DEFECTED label, the famous house label,thx for this song,merry Xsmas

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