UK Funky Allstars Take it HIGHER!!

This track has been floating around the scene for a while….. Produced by Hotsteppa and featuring the UK Funky (Male) Allstars. It’s been changed a few times, for instance Trilla wasn’t featured in the original recording, but I think it’s still missing a few ‘Allstar’ faces, not mentioning any names….. A few of the other featured artist haven’t exactly reached ‘Allstar’ status either, also not mentioning any names.

The official video has finally been released however and is also NOW on channel AKA so look out for it on your TV screens!!


4 Responses

  1. Wish u would state a few names like….. Funky Dee heard a mix with him on it! Donaeo could of done his thing, Shystie would have added a bit! MMM state names man!!

  2. Good tune and good lyrics… but for some reason the video makes me think of so solid crew? But the video is whack compared to some of the old So Solid crew video’s.

    Uk funky scene needs some people to really push the boundaries of these video’s.. maybe they don’t have the money to do it??? But the video’s are poor

  3. dat song is sik but yh on the actual one aint got funky dee or donaeo or nutin but its still goooooood

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