Was UK Funky LIVE??

There were various reports flying around of the happenings on the night…. Unfortunately I wasn’t there, but with modern day technology, information can be passed so easily, it’s not too much of a task to know what’s up……

The turn out wasn’t too bad and more than many had expected……


The age range was more on the lower end of the scale however, but with music that’s never a bad thing…. Influencing the youth of today and being able to put on a performance they’re happy with is something that is and was very hard to find in previous homegrown genres i.e. Grime

Play Entertainment are rumoured to have put on a good show as did many of the other acts that were on the bill namely Gracious K, Shea Soul, Egypt and Donaeo, proving that there is an abundance of talent within the UK Funky scene at the moment that are making a major impact for the UK within the music business.

Other than the performances from 26 acts, there was also an award ceremony…………

The Awards collected on the night were as follows:

Best Male – Donaeo
Best Female – Egypt
Best Producer – Ill Blu
Best Song – Migraine Skank (Gracious K)
Best Video – Tribal Skank (Fr3e)

There is talk that Quincy won ‘Best Funky DJ’ – I refuse to take this seriously, it must be a misunderstanding?? Surely they just thanked him for his participation and hard work in providing music for the night…….. That’s correct right??

For a FULL and in-depth review >>click here<<


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