Are You Gonna N’Yam Doe?

Funky Dee thought he had the scene in his pockets….. The streams of people chanting his hook “Are you gonna bang?” was phenomenal….. Surely there couldn’t be a higher response for a hook than we saw with that??

It seems there is…… Funky Dee never got familiar enough on how volatile the Funky scene is…. His time at the top may be drawing to a close…..

Lady P has unleashed an anthem for the females titled “Are you gonna N’yam?” and I have to admit, the lyrics are very comical including every saying used on the scene most obvious being Gracious K’s “Show me how you go down!”….. But the funniest thing is that Funky Dee is upset about the track and claims he’s gonna sue!! I have to wonder how, considering that his track was unofficially over Apple’s Chantes instrumental….. Interesting! I wonder if he is aware on how copyright laws work…….

Seems like Funky Dee is setting himself up “He’ll get NOTHING!!”

Check out Lady P’s parody…….


3 Responses

  1. Bwoi Glad to see a female version cause boys are out of order! Lets face it…The original is comical but……..

    Sometimes the only way you can take a really good look at yourself is through somebody else’s eyes.

    So Thx Lady P let Funky Dick…..I mean Funky Dee know his place

  2. You always get remixes of songs. Boys and girls versions, I remember TLC’s ‘no scrubs’ was challenged by those guys who did ‘no pidgeons’ and Eamons song cussin his girl was retalliated by that girl who sang ‘f u right back’. And there must be others, did they sue? No! Its all jsu a bit of fun and if you don’t even have rights to the track then funky dee really can’t talk. If anything its makin ppl tlk abt ‘are u gonna bang tho’ again which honestly had kind of lost its novely.
    Stop whineing abt it, Lady @’s version is better anyways, us girls need a cute way to ask dat question, still looool xx

  3. hi how can i hear this track does anybody have it by any chance?

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