And Now It’s Over Boy!!

We’ve seen many videos coming out of the Funky Movement boasting great quality. Donaeo set the trend with his ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’ video along the way we say Attacca Pesante’s ‘Make It Funky For Me’ also receive an astounding amount of appreciation. More recently, Dotstar made a magnificent impact with his flashy ‘Stick Up’ video, but Meleka has topped all previous efforts with an outstanding video for the Crazy Cousinz Remix of her single ‘Go’.

The video not only has visual quality, the storyline is gripping throughout with an ending creating serious effect. The editing is immaculate, I could bearly hold in my laugh at the expression of Meleka’s face at 4.30mins, as if to add impact to the scene exposed to the viewer beforehand. Depicting an attitude of a ruthless “And What?”, discarding Meleka’s already innocent persona somewhat more.

I think this video deserves full marks…..


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  1. […] The previous video was amazing, the impact it left on me when I first watched it was compelling (read here). As a long-term lover of the UK Funky scene, I’m rather disappointed. I presumed Meleka […]

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