Tribal Man Skank Remix

I’m sure these guys could’ve been ALOT more creative……. I’m so disappointed!! I guess I expected too much but I thought thier personal evolution would’ve taken them further than “I be the Tribal Man, bussin the Migraine Skank”, in the situation of a remix, there was allowance for a different backing track that was produced for the purpose as well as more affluent lyrical content. This remix could’ve been the banger that blew both previous productions out the water with its own originality….. I think this was a waste of money and time.

What do you think?


2 Responses

  1. QoS, I suppose you expected too much, but this good… the way what are able to do except from critics. Can you do any better? Den do it to prove your self right….More skank remix would be alright…

  2. LOL Firstly yes, I think had I been in the situation to write a Tribal Man skank remix I could’ve done better. But as for doing it to prove myself right….. I think you may have got that a bit mixed up. Why would I need to prove it to myself? I’m not an artist so I don’t need to prove anything.

    Secondly, had I written this, the last thing I would’ve done was lay my lyrics over an instrumental that I was already lacking to obtain the permission to use!

    Thirdly, by stating that I did expect too much, you are insinuating that you believe these guys possess less talent than I have given them credit.

    Forthly, since making this post, Tribal Magz himself has agreed that the track could’ve been a lot better and not much thought went into it. Maybe that’ll be the reason why the video has been removed.


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