It’s Alot!! Round 2….

aprilThis month’s issue includes the following:

*All in a Night’s Work featuring DJ Mystery
*Vocalist Spotlight featuring Sacha
*Footsteps & AL
*10 Major Rules of Producing
*Wot U Call It?…. Dubbage!
*XO Man
*Guns, Gangs, Government & Guidance


To read click here

The April podcast is also available featuring the following tracks:

*Speechless – DJ Mystery
*Nasty Nasty Nasty – DVA (Roska Remix)
*Rass Out – Alternative
*In The Morning – Fuzzy Logic ft Egypt
*Waterfalls – MA-1
*Sexy Sexy – Rudimental Records feat May Walker
*The Music – Hard House Banton
*House Music – Kush
*Troubles Back – DJ Naughty
*Dirty Trumpet – Sami Sanchez
*Seasons – Lil Silva
*Tell Me – Footsteps ft A.L.
*The Print – Fingaprint – Records (Roska Remix)
*Boomerangs – Sacha
*Worth Much More -DJ Mystery ft Miss Bree

You can stream and download from here


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