Don’t 079 Me!!

I have been made aware of a track that has recently been floating around. In fact it’s been sent to my inbox on a number of occasions. I am fed up of stating that I don’t like it and wonder if the people that do, really know about Funky?

How long have they been listening to Funky??

What do THEY know??

It’s unbearable to listen to and if you can handle it, I dare you to give it a listen yourself.

What is this RUBBISH!! I won’t be 079ing anybody!!!


7 Responses

  1. I like the tune still lol

  2. Maybe you could answer the above questions then?? Also please elaborate on what it is you like about it…..

  3. First i just wanna say i’ve been following this blog for like a month now. I’m a funky house music fan and this blog has helped me keep up to date with whats goin on in the scene. So thanks for setting it up.

    Now about this track. Yeah, i really like this track and i know its your opinion but i think its unfair to call this track rubbish when you haven’t stated why you think its rubbish. I think tune will be good in the clubs because it has that dance vibe to it. Isn’t funky, at the end of the day, about dancing.

    As for your questions, i’ve been listening to funky for almost half a year now. I didn’t get into it properly until i came into University. But i’ve been so many funky house raves, seen all the top names live(K.I.G fam, Doneao, Marcus Nasty, Kyla).

    Also, i’ve done my research on Uk funky house since i’m a fan. I know that Uk funky house branched off from Uk Garage which branched off from US garage. To me, UK funky house is grime’s answer to pop music.

    Anyways, that’s my two cents init. Keep up with the blog. Its doing al ot for real. Bless.

  4. Thank you for your feedback. No I don’t think Funky is all about dancing to answer your question and I’ve been listening to Funky since 2005 in comparison to your 6 months – Hence why you would name KIG Family as a top name. I shall await a follow up track before giving them such a substantial stance. If/When this happens, that can be retracted.

    But you have raised a valid point, I have not stated why I think its rubbish. So I think it only fair I define why I have such opinion:

    The track is noisy and is in serious need of a master and mix down. It gets boring 2 minutes in and personally I think it lacks creativity. I find it unbearable to listen to. Something thrown together in hope of a quick banger and buck. It’s sounds worse than the efforts I’ve heard within a GCSE project. So as there is NOTHING I like about it, I can only define it as crap or rubbish.

    But as you said, its my opinion. Something I am free to have.

  5. ok… so everyone has an opinion… i can see where ur coming from… leke101…. it seems like we are back to the grime days… buy a playstation, make a track… certain tracks have had thought, time and money put in to them… for me this 1 hasnt… as QoS stated, it needs mastering, there is something missing… i can see this track working at an under 16’s dance and thats it.

    this stuff will kill off what is a massive branch of a huge genre, do we really want that?? head bop in your room to this but trust me this will clear a mature dance, mark my words!

  6. am sure it saids on the tune if download 96kbs so that means the quality has been reduced on purpose lool. At the end of the day by you going this blog your giving the tune more promotion it is already receiving lol brap to leke101

  7. Maybe you should check some of your other tracks that are also at 96kbps and tell me if they sound as bad as this one…….

    I have recently done an indepth interview with a fellow blogger with regards to my thoughts on this subject and the issues that surround it. You may find it here:

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