It’s not Funky, it’s WHACK!!

I’m so in shock with how far this is going that I have struggled find a paragraph that can introduce what I have now found to be the latest release in the emerging Funky MC track trend. I thought an example had already been made with the Ring-A-Roses track by applying a poll within which votes constantly depicted that this ‘new’ sound was not appreciated by the majority. To make matters worse, it was a rip-off of another track which in my opinion, although wasn’t ‘good’, it was ‘better’.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, press play……

I think the most unfortunate thing about this latest influx is that there are other songs out there ie Kaos and Coldsteps’ Napa Anthem that supersede these tracks in quality on a grand scale but follow a similar concept, which are being overshadowed by the attention being paid to these tracks through disgust. Donaeo’s Party Hard is an MC track which is making a major impact at the moment, however due to its quality, is not even considered to fit into the same bracket, which shows it’s not a vendetta held by the scene against the way the vocal addition is applied, but the quality in how it’s done.

If you are an aspiring producer, I can only plea that you steer away from making a production that replicates the following in any way…..


Now you’ve been heavily disturbed all over again, I wanted to end this on a positive note so I thought I’d leave you with a track that is being named as a favourite by many of the DJs and true funky lovers of the movement at the moment.


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