What’s It Like To Be A DJ??

Many people think being a DJ is a glamorous lifestyle. With girls and music being the first connecting thoughts, it’s not surprising that it’s a commonly sought after profession.

Rinse FM’s DJ NG, the man behind the hit “Tell Me”, gives us a taster of what a day in the life of a leading DJ within the funky scene is like……

Seems like plenty of hard graft!!

Is it any wonder that with the requirement of so much energy required to sustain, there is a need to release while at home??

Check out NG’s fellow station DJ Skilliam having a funky monkey moment….. What I like most about this mix is that its performed with one CD deck and the other vinyl.

In a day of so many CDJ DJ’s who require the BPM to be matched etc etc automatically, I thought this was a respectable quality to hold on a resumé.

The full length Skilliam mix is available for download here!!


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