All In A Night’s Work!!

Ready to work off the calories and weight gained while munching over Christmas, this night was one that was required and it fell just at the right time. Although I was still in need of some good rest after attending Napper & CharChar’s Free Boxing Day Party at Bar 54 in Mile End the night before, this was a night I had been looking forward to and was NOT about to miss.

First stop was Uptown Records Xmas Party at Club 142 on Ealing Broadway. With a huge line up in addition to reputation, as well as the bliss of this being a charity event, there were huge hopes of there being a turnout of the scene’s celebrities. The line up alone could’ve catered for this expectation.
I got to the venue at approximately midnight. BBC 1Xtra’s DJ Cameo was on the decks spinning a few bangers. There were a handful of people within the venue, however Uptown’s Da Man wasn’t too impressed with the turnout. Most of the revellers were sitting around instead of making the most of the vibe. Despite this he was pleased that there was a mature crowd and hoped the evening would pick up as the night went on….. I never hung around to find out. Cameo was doing his thing in full effect, but with an empty dancefloor, there wasn’t much of a vibe.

Next stop was I’m A Celebrity at Departure Lounge. The vibe here was totally different. Cold as Ice were doing what they do best, and the dancefloor was bubbling with a pleasant atmosphere. The revellers within this venue were surely having a good time, dancing in unison to the bashment riddims, and many happy to pose for a picture. I unfortunately had a drink spilt down my side shortly after entering the venue. The gentleman who had carried out the felony ushered me to the bar so quickly to buy an apologetic drink, I had barely begun to feel the moisture. My drink also came with a complimentary napkin. He explained that he had drunk a little bit more than he could handle and meant no harm. Bless him. There were definitely good vibes in here. I broke into a Wacky Dip and shook a leg for a hot minute as Cold as Ice made way for Invasion Crew in the DJ box. Encountering Moonlight on his way out the door, he informed me that his next destination was my place to be for the night…. Hustle & Flow!!!

If anybody knows a venue harder to find than Mustard Bar, please let me know. I was more fortunate while looking for Corney & Barrow on my first visit, which is hidden behind every wall possible in the newly built St Pauls complex. To then make matters worse, there were problems getting into the venue…. This is not the drama I wanted to end my night with. However, all that is well ends well. Once finally entering the domain, MA-1 was on the decks with Spidey G hosting alongside, which meant it was MY TIME!!! With House & Funky in the air, it was officially time to get down!!

If you’ve been to an event held by Triple Threat Promotions, you’ll know that the vibe is always nice with everybody dancing and getting along. There’s always a variation of music genres though, so if you’re looking for one type all night long you’ll be disappointed. But if you like to get you’re hustle on, this is one of the places you’ll find your element. I found a few old faces while mingling among the crowd which is always nice, but there was one major drawback…… I would like to send my heart out to anybody with a weak bladder in Mustard Bar. Finding the toilet was like taking part in an adventure task on The Crystal Maze. I was half expecting to find Richard O’Brien standing outside the lavatory door with a crystal for my efforts of venturing so far. Luckily for me, I’m a fan of pelvic floor exercises.

Throughout the night though, Hustle & Flow was the event that was graced with my presence for the longest period and there were many smiles and laughter shared during that time. What can I say, I’m A Celebrity had the vibe, but Hustle & Flow had the friends too. Triple Threat Promotions had delivered once again. As the night came to a close, I wished I had been there longer. I was finally in the mood to really rave!! This night unfortunately wasn’t about letting my hair down, it was about work….. But one thing I do know is this, with all that running around London Town, I had already burned off my calories……


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